Monday, September 10, 2007


beautiful people for our beautiful friend's home. they look pretty old for teenagers.


  1. those jeans they have on are intense! 40 miles of pelvis!

  2. your dylan is spot on. i used to have the extra hots for him. when i was 8.

  3. ok, dylan and brandon had rad sideburns.

    did you watch the show or just google the image?

    cause i'm a true fan and this is how it is.

    brenda's face kept gettin crazy. her eye was moving toward her forhead.

    brandon dated a figure skater and introduced her to the "burrito". it had guac on it.

    david's friend with a cowboy hat killed himself while trying to show off with a gun.

    steve was old and had blonde hair. he tried to go to a secret party by ordering eggs from an asian... didn't work. he had a mustang.

    the nerd was so old and was poor. her name was andrea.

    the peach pit starred that old guy. it was renamed peach pit after dark. how do you talk to an angel?

    i don't think you understand how sad it was when dylan's fiance was murdered.

    dylan came back and married kelly. i mean do you really get this.

    90210. fuck yeah.

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