Monday, February 23, 2009

days we spent in the sand

we spent yesterday eating a variety of cheese covered products, squatting in caves and poking squishy sea creatures on the rocks. i had intended to be equally productive/lively today but i seem to have put out my back during my one day ever of "vigorous" physical activity. i am an old lady.


  1. I really like
    the photography.
    I imagine cave squatting
    was fun, I just hate how
    sand gets into places
    you had no idea

  2. i cant believe ive seen you all naked haha

  3. ehehehe, YOU HAVE!! you're next ella!

  4. thank you zog_etiquette! there was much sand in uncomfortable places :(

  5. I like these a lot! It has been way too long since I've been to the coast, and it's only 1 hr away.

  6. These are beautiful! I love your blog and it was awesome meeting you today!!

  7. i love that last one. you look like a warrior!


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