Monday, February 16, 2009

had a great fall

landon and i are inadvertently celebrating "family day" canada's favourite holiday! both of us are feeling under the weather and have so dedicated the day to bed, tv and cards. out of this bed, cards and tv day i hope to regain my brainpower which seems to have been misplaced somewhere along los angeles' never ending freeways. today on top of three previously stated activities i will finish reading my first book of the year (oops), finish some sewing projects from bed, unpack my oils and put brush to board and possibly, just possibly wash my hair! if all turns out as planned i have a very eventful day of poor health ahead of me. if not i made a noble attempt and hope my dreams are sweet and not scary as i just finished my first meal of the day which included a generous serving of cheese and cheese plus dreams is never pleasant.

ps. first musical portfolio online now! it's really lovely, take a listen!

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