Monday, May 4, 2009

party time

freshly scanned from our happiest of sad parties. farewell los angeles, already i miss your tacos and in'n'out and friends. (our new home is really, really good though)


  1. aw. you always take the cutest photos.
    saying goodbye to in-n-out was one of the hardest things i've ever had to do.

  2. hello gorgeous people!
    aw must've been so sad but wow new york! in fact I'm leaving for new york tomorrow with my best friend from vancouver. i know you're both new there but if you have any suggestions for stuff to do or places to see over the next week-leave me a comment on my nyc post
    thanks so much, maybe i'll see you around!
    ps you added some of my friends scott parsons' photos to your site recently! he was pretty pumped haha so was i!

  3. awww looks like lovely memories.. I've never had in-n-out burger, I really need to take a trip to LA hehe

  4. Happy love for landon & u. ♥


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