Friday, June 12, 2009

flickr favourites 003

Arthur Rackham's "Alice" by rosewithoutathorn84Galatea by oar_squareThe Sonata, 1889 by MaulleighFrench Venus and Cupid, circa 1559 by MaulleighPortrait of the Singer Henriette Sontag   by clarkvrThe Calmady Children (Emily, 1818–?1906, and Laura Anne, 1820–1894) by MaulleighFlorinda, 1853 by MaulleighCaravaggio by docjfwJean Marc Nattier by docjfwAll' inferno  by *Nuit_Etoilée*Agnes Sorel on the Melun triptych by Jean Fouquet by rosewithoutathorn84Nymphs by Jan DurinaBotticelli, "La Primavera" by redcord"Dolce Far Niente " by John William Waterhouse by baffled king ...John William Waterhouse by Master Jedi ArtistJ.W. Waterhouse "A mermaid" by magaliboboisWaterhouse Ophelia by punkasstedmucha drapery by freeparkingGustav Klimt: Allegory Of Sculpture by freeparkingfranz stuck: portrait of a lady by freeparkingFree To Share by Suzee QueIvan Kramskoi: Unknown Woman (detail) by freeparkingEleanor Fortescue Brickdale: The Little Foot Page by freeparkingEdward Burne-Jones: Lady Frances Balfour by freeparkingJean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte de Nouy: The White Slave by freeparkingAlma-Tadema: In the Tepidarium (detail) 1881 by freeparkingGustav Klimt: Portrait of Helene Klimt (his niece) by freeparkingjohn william waterhouse: Hylas and the Nymphs (detail) by freeparkingalma-tadema: strigils and sponges by freeparkingBouguereau: unfinished detail by freeparkingJohn William Waterhouse: Ophelia (Lying in the Meadow) by freeparkingWaterhouse: Lamia by freeparkingBurne Jones by Martin BeekBurne Jones by Martin BeekBorzois - #5 by mando maniac
Free To Share by Suzee Que

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  1. aaah the waterhouse one is sooo beautiful!

  2. waterhouse was my all time favourite when i was wee! i had his paintings wall to wall in my bedroom.


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