Sunday, June 21, 2009

a very ordinary saturday

a kind being requested a day of documentation from us. unfortunately i picked a rather uneventful day to document, oops! here it is, how we spent 06/20/09.
a rather leisurely wake-up. saturday mornings are the quietest times of the week around here. very sweet.

rather self explanatory, you see how filthy we can be though! four people brushing their teeth can leave quite a mark on the mirror.
landon washing.
making the bed is a group effort but landon forbids me to post the picture of his bed making on the internet as he had curiously styled wet hair from the shower.
i had put this dress on but quickly decided it was not the right dress for such a dreary day.
landon makes us the most delicious smoothies! i will make a post shortly on his secret recipe (and other recipes as i was asked about my diet in the previous post).
we drink our smoothies, watch lost and i hem a dress.
outside our door from a rowdy party the night before. they look rather cute all lined up.
we are going to visit our new home (unfortunately we are being made to leave this one as they are planning on gutting and turning it into luxury condos, very sad).
first we need to grab a plant from our roof to take over. beautiful view!
the view from our new roof.
we come home and eat snacks with our roommates. i play word mole on landon's phone.

our roommate entertains us with his food.
we retire to our room and get to work. i make this headpiece (you can see it in action here) not certain that it is done or how to finish it. any ideas are welcome!
we fall asleep and wake up feeling quite anemic - must find meat. we find an old yearbook and bring it home.
meat success! we go to peters. most delicious and decently priced food. we feel revived and head home.

we head out again to an art opening in the lower east side.
landon inside a buddy booth at the show.
show is ok but home is better. landon hunts for rats as we wait for the train.
on the way home we stop to pick up cookies and milk.
wild parties are happening all around, andrew puts on his party man outfit and we set upstairs to investigate. we find glowsticks, flamingos and tiny bottles of beer. landon makes off with an armful of mini beverages and after a few smooth moves on the dancefloor we come back downstairs.
we gorge on cookies and milk and i rag my hair then i lay down and pretend to sleep for this picture but really stay awake for three hours more feasting on lost episodes and snuggling.

thank you for all your comments on my last post! i'm taking all your suggestions and putting them into action (including the bits of advice from wise guy landon - quite liked that one)!


  1. looks like a perfectly lovely day. :)

  2. how sweet. i love your apartment! i want it! xoxo

  3. Your uneventful day would be action overload to me! I loved this post.

  4. well, since it's requesting time... I read your job involved a lot of movement around the city. I'd love to see the city from your perspective. I'm such a tourist.

  5. N. Samara Guzmán Fernández: i made a rather embarrassing tutorial here: to be honest though you are probably better off searching "how to rag your hair" and finding another tutorial as mine is mostly baby voice and curl shaking.

  6. Waaah i can't believe you have to leave that beautiful roof! It's happenin' all over the place ain't it. Stupid condos that nobody can afford now anyways! And this Peter's, how do I not know of this?

  7. keep taking them photos, they're so good to take in :]

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  9. Hi Hannah!

    I've been wanting to ask you this for ages..

    What model camera do you use? Is is it just a regular point and shoot or is it a profesional camera? Your pictures are beautiful!


  10. I absolutely adored your day! I found it to be extremely interesting and not at all uneventful as you may think. :D Your photos are so lovely, you/landon (did he help take some of these pictures with you in it?) have a good eye for detail and beauty.

  11. thanks for sharing. I especially love the photo of you choosing a more suitable dress, lovely :)

  12. I love your photos, it makes me feel like I stepped back in time and visite your life there. Now I want to have long natural red hair, a yellow dress and go to The Doors concert :P

  13. I wish you two had your own reality show! now that would be worth watching. You're a timeless beauty Hannah xx Erica

  14. i'm so in ♥ with your photos!!!
    amazing apartment!

  15. such a lovely day! You two are too cute! xx

  16. come to see Singe-Parlant's new look!

  17. What a perfectly dreamy and somewhat soggy weekend! Another request for info on the camera you use, and do you use some kind of process to get that film grain look?

  18. it's so sad you have to move from that place. sigh.

  19. Thanks for such a lovely photo narrative. I am sure you will make you new apartment just as lovely as your old one.

  20. Hat-making and baby beer bottles? What a fancy day! I have to say though, I'm a little bit frightened by the scary bathroom wall hole :)

  21. hannah this is such a beautiful day, I am so glad you posted this. well done. you and landon look so lovely and healthy and happy. and the view from your new roof oh my goodness it is seriously breathtaking I love it so much. you two are getting along great out there. I think this is just what I needed to see to think of you so happy!

  22. WOW I just love how candid every picture was taken. Love it.

  23. i love all the photos, and your flat is so amazing!!! :)kisses dear.

  24. I so love your pink chair! It's perfection...I think I dreamed of it once...

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  26. this post is fantaaaaaastic. what camera did you use here!?

  27. broadcast.poulet: thank you! we used a panasonic lumix for these.

  28. My husband and I snuggle in bed and watch lost on my laptop as well. Its a lovely way to spend some weekend hours.

  29. i love your blog!
    the layout-i wish i had it!
    the photos-are like candy for my sweet tooth i love how amateur and beautifully raw they are
    sometimes fame and fortune does not produce the best photographers-you guys are one-two of them
    ummm oh! i LOVE your house its so romantically worn in-i want one like that very soon!
    so sad that they will tear it down for something new and ugly-i dont adapt to new things well-if you hadnt noticed hehe-well only new homes

  30. You have such an amazing life! Just perfect.

    I'm so lost in Lost. I must get back on track ha!

    All the best

  31. Beautiful family you guys quarrel?If so, what of? I can't imagine such a handsome couple could.


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