Sunday, October 25, 2009

she's a dream come true

i have a treat for you friends today! despite accusations of being both "lazy" and "lame" for not updating (or responding to emails) both of which i vehemently deny on account that i am neither lazy for not updating (internet is my lazy time) nor am i physically impaired at this time (unless of course you are considering my bad toe) i am still sharing with you my very favourite jewel of the fashion blog world.

Blog, meet Nicole Eymard! I've been following her for quite some time online and am delighted at every update she makes. Here she shares with us some of her inspiration for her upcoming collection and a brief history lesson. This lady knows the way to my heart is paved in vintage hats and history lessons.


Full name: Nicole Eymard (maiden name Mackey) Married 5 years to a French man

Hometown: Walnut Creek California Lived in Paris, France when I was younger for 3 years

Presently living in: San Francisco California

Mother of: A Pomeranian named Clementine. She looks and acts like a feisty little fox


What was your first sewing project? Do you still have it?
My first hand sewn project was this little red doll with a flat head that I made out of my moms scraps. The poor doll was tortured because I stitched her dress to her body. I don't have it because it was a gift I made for my sister when I was 7. The first machine project was a terrifying felt panda...lets not even talk about that!!

Favourite pre-20th century fashion moment?
1790-1802 I know this is a long period of time, but they bounce off eachother, one part is the cause and the other effect.

At the end of of Marie Antoinette's life 1790, "the people" were revolting against everything, for example fashion and the political powers. The colors they wore and prints all signifies who they were for in politics. The "Sans Culottes" wore old and country clothing with the with France's colors and stripes and the "Incroyables" (men) and the "Merveilleuses" (women) wore ridiculous proportions , such as giant hats for the men and for the women they wetted their dresses with water to make their garments see through to see the flesh colored knit undergarments. Sans cullote means without pants and Incroyables means the incredibles.


Sans Culotte:

After Marie Antoinette's beheading, and people setteled down. Napoleon attempted to put things back together by looking at ancient Greece, and creating an empire. So everyone dressed like their portrayal of the classical statues.


Favourite 20th century fashion moment?
But most importantly the relationship she had with all the cool artists of the time. I love how all the cool artist were pals and genuinely "collaborated"

Collab with Dali


One item that absolutely melted you when you found it?

Favourite brick and mortar shop for treasure hunting?
all local san franciscan/bay are dwellers can only appreciate the following:
thrift town
mission thrift
decades of fashion
tail of the yak
Gypsy honeymoon

Favourite online shop for treasure hunting?

Favourite cosmetic counter (your make-up is always impeccable!)?
YSL and a few mac and nars, but YSL has the best and most unusual colors

Any celluloid fashion inspirations?
shhh dont tell, but my final collection for school has something to do with this. My lips are sealed!

When can we expect to see your wonderful designs gracing the covers of magazines/filling our closests?
When I finish school, May 7th 2010, thats my fashion show go see it, everyone is invited!! Unfortunately I need to be famous first to be in magazines etc. I think europe will help me when I get there ;)



  1. oh yes she is fantastic!



  3. ps... you have a lovely blog... people who say you are lazy obviously don't REALLY read your blog and see that it is just a shadow of your life that you share with the internet world :D

  4. i love reading this! she is so sweet! xxx

  5. Wowww,she is so so amazing and beautiful:)

    I love love her blog too !

  6. Nicole is my daughter! Funny to see the picture of her in my very dated 1980's tub! :)I'm very proud of her and can't wait to see her final collection in May.

  7. Oh, yeah that is my sister! :D She's pretty cute, I must say!

  8. Nicole is one of my favourite bloggers, so much more interesting (not to mention talented) that the other 'popular' bloggers. I hope she makes it big one day

  9. Heart your blog!

  10. wow. wow. you really did some work here. and its amazing! thank you for introduction and inspiration :)

  11. i love your style!
    xoxo from France

  12. She is great !

  13. she's so refreshing, one of my favourites!


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