Sunday, November 29, 2009

you must first invent the universe

After taking a "private tour" of the history of the universe at the American Museum of Natural History by a very enthusiastic (and animated) volunteer Landon and I have both discovered a renewed interest in our ancient and vast universe. Imagine our joy then when a friend of ours introduced us to these clever and entertaining symphony of science (click for the full collection) featuring Carl Sagan, Bill Nye and Stephen Hawking by John Boswell.

To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit.
-Stephen Hawking


  1. carl sagan is my favorite! he made this really wonderful tv series called cosmos in the 70s, you should check it out if you're into the universe. my roommate caroline and i found the whole vhs set at the thrift store last winter and spent about a week in bed watching all of them nonstop.

  2. im seriously addicted to this song now ! thanks for the link... its truly amazing

  3. i am seriously baffled that this post only has two comments. my beau and i have watched this video over and over for the past two months or so. carl sagan is awesome! my dad took my brothers and i to see him speak in the 90s at the wv state capitol... i was young and barely remember it and it's doubtful i was able to wrap my 8 year old brain around whatever he was saying anyway. cosmos is on netflix instant queue in case you guys didn't know.


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