Monday, February 1, 2010

taking care of business

s/s ebay preview

s/s ebay preview

Hello friends! I apologize for disappearing yet again. I'm still on the west coast and have been running (or rather, sitting in traffic) around like madwomen finishing up an order due for shipping this friday (super exciting stuff happening over here - will have lots of neat things to share with you upon my arrival home). I will have to introduce you to my wonderful hosts in a separate post and to their jewelry, hat and girly mag collections in another. The weather is unbelievable and though I groaned over the monotony of california weather while living here I'm happy to be away from the east coast for the dreary post-holiday january chills.

I have a question to ask of you! My skin (particularly the chin - allergies and hormone region) has gone bonkers from all the travel and the junk food that inevitably accompanies airport and automobile dining. I'm a big "at home remedy" enthusiast and am curious to know what secret recipes you ladies (and lads) have up your sleeves for skin savers (am familiar with the oil cleansing method and would encourage you to take a gander at it). I keep to a pretty strict regime of all natural products and when I'm following my no corn (TERRIBLE, love popcorn) no chocolate diet I stay pretty clear but right now things are going pretty wild down there (no thanks to my curious fingers). So share! I'll try out the most delicious sounding recipes and tell you all about it!

The above two pictures are part of a collection I've been building up for ebay (coming soon) that I'm super excited about sharing with you! I plan to launch the shop by the end of the month, will keep you posted! 


  1. LAVENDER OIL! does wonders for the skin, especially when 5 zits have morphed into 1 uber-vicious abscess! (helps withe scarring, too.)

  2. that hat = amazing.

    if you don't have particularly dry/ sensitive skin, anything with tea tree oil is really good. ditto on all-natural face scrubs. but i have oily skin, so i can get away with harsher products. if it's dry, then disregard!

  3. LOVE your lipstick. What shade is it?


  4. When I clean my face, I use the oil cleansing method (you can google for different options.) I personally use half/half olive oil and grapeseed oil, put it on my face while I have a shower, then rub it off vigourously with a face-cloth. I then use apple cider vinegar diluted with water as a toner.

    It's summer at the moment, so I don't use moisturiser, but in winter I might skip the toner except on my nose, forehead and chin, and use pure evening primrose oil as a moisturiser :)

  5. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask!!! When I don't use it as a mask - I dot it on my pimples. My skin has been clear ever since! I also use tea tree oil, but you have to be patient with it.

    Oh, and you can also use an aloe vera plant (which also helps with scarring).

  6. this whole blog is so amazing:

    if you ever have clogged pores i highly recommend this stuff:

    and while we're on the subject of bentonite clay i'll say that this is all i ever use on my hair. terressentials is the best beauty brand in the world!

  7. Hrrm... I had to deal with years of bad skin (it's not wonderful at the moment either due to my slackness at renewing my contraceptive pill prescription) and I tried everything to absolutely no avail. I think it's purely hormonal and can only be fixed with the Yasmin pill!

  8. So happy (and a bit envious) you are enjoying Californian weather. Have you tried a clay mask yet?

  9. Great hat!

    I'm glad you asked this question, I am keen to try some of these home remedies on my own skin.

  10. MILK! FULL FAT! Use as a cleanser - Its natural & cheap - oh yeah!

  11. I'd go for tea tree oil! I don't really use anything else, sorry. Hope that you find what you need.

    You have been much missed, lovely. I am looking forward to upcoming posts and browsing the ebay store


  12. hannah hannah first of all i must apologise for not being able to help :( but thanks for this post! i am mostly ignorant when it comes to my health/skincare and its great that you opened my eyes to natural methods! i shall try your recommended oil cleansing does work right? anyway i see a lot of solutions provided by other ladies, so good luck...

  13. I like to mix a little bit of tea tree oil in with the avalon organics lavender toner. IT makes your skin feel very fresh :)

  14. Tea tree oil for sure. I love your hair color with the contrast of the blue and white stripes on that top!

  15. also,

    although those who recommend tea tree oil mean well, in my personal experience (with dry combination skin that tends to be flakey and inflamed if not cared for properly), that stuff isn't so great. spot treatments, natural or not, seem to be only quick fixes (for me anyway). the best way to get rid of the problem is to naturally extract with treatments which pull impurities in the skin up and out. and keep the skin moisturized.

    another thing i forgot to mention is an exfoliating trick of mine for mornings: i dry brush my face and body. here's some great info on dry brushing the body:

    i like to use this brush on my face mornings (before cleansing or rinsing), totally dry. the recommended frequency of dry brushing your face depends on how fast your skin regenerates. (if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables your skin will usually regenerate faster.) ...go in circles and in downward strokes. you don't need this exact brush, but it is important to use one with natural fiber bristles if you're brushing dry. this will avoid irritation of the skin.

    i hope this helps, hannah... you're a precious spoonful of prism light to all of us readers!

  16. Hello,

    I was trying this in the summer and it seemed to make my skin feel soft and clean and cut down on pimples:

    1. Mix baking soda with water to make a semi-thick mixture and apply it to your face (its tingly but I take that to mean it is working)

    2. Leave the baking soda mixture on until it dries and then rinse off.

    3. Cut a lemon in half and use the pulpy half wedge as a toner, wiping over your face. Leave that on for about 5 minutes and then rinse it off.

    Hope it works!

  17. Oh I'm so glad your back!
    My tips are:
    - rose clay mask
    - mashed papaya mask(makes the skin smoother and pimple free)
    - lemon juice mixed with water is a great toner
    - tea tree oil
    - drink lots of green tea!


  18. In a teacup I combine milk, honey and a tablespoon of sugar. Rub it onto your wet face. It's a great exfoliant, and makes your skin incredibly soft!

    You can also just add the sugar to your normal cleanser, it's easier.

  19. I love your hair! 5 aprin crushed up with one mashed strawberry, apply it like a mask for 5 mins then rinse off.x

  20. Hey Hannah,

    If you have a few problem spots, try putting a dab of toothpaste on it before bed. It dries out the badness and shrinks it down so you're not tempted to squeeze it!

  21. Dried basil in hot water and green tea both work as an antibacterial/antimicrobial when used as a toner.
    And because it's green tea it's supposed to help eliminate bacteria if it's orally ingested as well.
    Also charcoal works to pull the impurities out of your skin but i would find a mask with charcoal in it because i feel like rubbing barbecue bricks on your face might screw some things up.
    good luck.

  22. The only thing that ever worked for me was a natural scrub called "Carley's Clear and Smooth". I get the "severe" acne one. They send you a free bar of natural soap, too. Its all homeopathic! I am SO excited for your ebay store!

  23. There are TONS of amazing home remedies and beauty treatments you make with ingredients in your pantry at

    A couple that I really love for oily skin and pimples are:

    Acne Dermabrasion Treatment with Eggs

    and if you haven't tried Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne I'd give that a try...

    Something I haven't tried yet, but also saw on Dr. Oz was Sea Buckthorn Oil cures Acne...

    Best of luck, pimples are the worst!!!

  24. This will sound weird, Using nothing helps me out. If you leave everything alone, get some sun, eat healthy your skin should be a-ok.
    I tried going without any skincare for 3 months and my skin was the best it ever was.
    BUT I think lush oatmeal face scrub is great. my pimples were gone in one night.
    hope you found something!

  25. i read this post yesterday and tried the oil cleansing method straight after- wow!! i think im now going to be an addict. thats for introducing it to me :)

    i love home treatments. my favourite is a green tea face scrub. you make a cup of green tea, but only fill about a third of the cup with water. then put 3 tablespoons of sugar into a bowl, and add a tablespoon of green tea. then add a teaspoon of lemon, and viola!! green tea face scrub. you can also use it on you lips, which works really well. it makes my skin super soft and clear, and i get terrible skin at times! the scrub lasts for a week in the fridge, and you can use the left over green tea as toner. hope this helps!!

    those pictures of you are gorgeous by the way, and i cannot wait for the shop!!


  26. i can't wait to see the collection! it looks great thus far!

    i've heard apple cider vinegar works wonders (i have very sensitive skin, so i don't use anything but cetaphil cleanser and lotion). or at least the bottle in my kitchen says it does.

  27. Milk of Magnesia is like magic! It sucks out all of the oil and infection, but can dry up your skin, too. Use it as a spot treatment (leave it on until it dries) or you can leave it on over night. To remove, gently wash it off with warm water.

    Rosewater is supposed to be good for fair skinned ladies (like ourselves). It's very soothing.

  28. I use tea tree oil when my skin decides to go bonkers.

    On another note, loving the hair in the second photo.

  29. Hi Hannah! Sorry random question, but do you backcomb your hair or use those unfortunately named bumpit thingymies??

  30. Ah such cute pictures! The first one is so chic, love it.

  31. I LOVE your first outfit, its perfect!!!

  32. I really like the exfoliating oatmeal soap from Trader Joes! It makes your skin super soft.

    ps: That first photo is stunning. <3

  33. you look utterly beautiful! i really do adore your hair.
    i use tea tree oil for blemishes, and i swear brown sugar is the best exfoliator out there!
    i'm a natural product junkie too, it's much cheaper as well :)


    if you like poetry
    or even if you don't

  35. Forget the topical treatments for your skin. It's breaking out because of the foods you put inside. Eat fresh fruit, juice fresh fruit and vegetables (if you can) - DON'T EAT LATE and drink lots of water with a normal sleep. Skip the breads, starch and junk for a few days. Eat salads.

    You're breaking out in the chin area because of yeast or sugar overdose probably.

    If you want a topical treatment, let your skin breathe for a couple of days without products and you can steam it with a clay mask after, fresh aloe vera or whatever you've got.

  36. I love this outfit! Your hat is so ADORABLE! :)

  37. how exciting! and your hair went red so quick, lookin good! I don't have an especially secret skin tip, but washig with a gentle cleanser always helps mine out. and keeping my hair clean on top of it.
    I'm jealous you got away from the east coast durring this snowyest of times! have you hit the beach?

  38. Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you will not have a leg to stand on.............................................

  39. Great hat!

    I am addicted to tea tree oil it
    really do wonders:)

  40. MUST try aspirin masks.
    use water soluable ones, mix it with a few drops of water till it's a kind of thickish but moist paste and dab on affected areas. leave for 20-30 minutes and rinse! surprisingly skin is left super soft

    rubbing lemons as exfoliant is also great, black heads gone and pore minimised :)


  41. thank you all for your wonderful advice!

  42. I have fairly bad skin (wasn't that supposed to stop once we hit our twenties???), and I'm very fair-skinned so pimples really show up. I use Aveda's "Outer Peace" line and it really works to keep my skin clear. I also sometimes blend up an oatmeal scrub, which exfoliates without causing redness or irritation.

    I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! You're so beautiful! It's comforting to know even beauties like yourself deal with skin imperfections. ;) Thanks for sharing, I learned a lot from reading everyone's comments!

  43. Nice post, thanks for sharing this wonderful and useful information with us.

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  44. oooh Hannah, I love your blog. You are beautiful and have impeccable taste! My mom is all into Chinese medicine, and it has been said that break-outs on the chin usually denote problems with the reproductive system in females. Which I hope is untrue, because I tend to break out on my chin, especially as of late!

    I'm a Cancer Sun/Taurus Moon (I'm very into astrology), and that usually entails eating a lot and indulging in sweets- also a culprit! :)


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