Monday, September 13, 2010

FW Part 2: Nicole Eymard


It is no secret that I have a bit of a fangirl style crush on this next lady, but can you blame me? To me Nicole Eymard is sartorial perfection! She is truly one-of-a-kind and manages to make full ensembles (matching nails, lips, eyes, hats, bags, shoes, the whole shebang) look utterly effortless. She's just sent her new line down the runway and is presently prepping goodies to fill her shop with (starting with those most delectable shoes pictured below). I'm waiting with bated breath to see this girl rocket to fashion stardom.

1. What was your first fashion-related creation?

Beaded flowers that I would make into necklaces and bracelets.


2. What or Who inspires you?

In daily life: Animals, plants, movies, music the endless possibilities/surprises of vintage and antique items, museums, colors, fabrics, poetry, and history.

Online: Hannah.

Designers: Schiaparelli, Prada, Christopher Kane, Marc Jacobs.



3. Biggest sartorial blunder?

The "ghetto" look when I was in middle school.


4. If you had to have a uniform for this season what would it look like?

Actually...a uniform! I'm going to be wearing jumpers (american dress jumpers, not sweaters) with 1930s floral and leafy printed ties and bow ties, with a suit jacket and fur collar. Lots of fur, lots of crocodile (bags, shoes, clothing). I bought a walrus skin doctor bag. Basically I will look like a British school child swamped with taxidermy. Mix in Elizabethan, and Native American elements for entire fall wardrobe.


5. Any words of wisdom for people wishing to follow in your footsteps?

Dressing: Nothing is more important than knowing what looks good on you and what represents you properly. No one benefits from walking around amongst clones. Comfort doesn't mean ugly. I personally dress in a favorite outfit everyday because when I was little I thought you were stuck with the outfit you were wearing when you died. Always wear something that represents something alive (ex: floral prints, dog brooch).

Career-wise: Always stay true to (and work your way towards) what will make you happy. A dream job doesn't always pay well.


Nicole's Website
Nicole's Blog
Nicole's Line
Nicole's Ebay Shop (keep your eye on this one as I hear she's about to start loading it up with some of her vintage treasures!)

Up next, Tara-Lynn of Stay Fancy Free!


  1. whoa, those words of wisdom really touched me, especially her take on dressing. i've been rooting for nicole since forever, so happy to see she's doing well!

  2. lovely interview - she seems very honest and down to earth.

  3. i love this girl, she has the chutzpah of lynn yaeger and i love her doll-ish makeup. even her philosophies remind me of lynn :)

  4. ah yes! i too have a major style crush on this lady. the worst part is that i know she lives in san francisco, but i have yet to muster up the courage to try and get her to meet me in real life and let me go to her house and look in her closet!

  5. Ginny, Yes! Lynn, absolutely!

    Erin, get your butt over there! PLEASE!

  6. "a dream job doesn't always pay well"
    love this

  7. Aww that was such a lovely interview <3 she seems so genuine and nice! Plus she's absolutely beautiful! Inside and out! X

  8. lovely looks u have here!
    come follow me xxo

  9. i adore her, she's absolute dessert for the eyes! brilliant.

  10. Tara Lynn - mmhm, mmmmmmmhm!

    Mamushka Marie - I love that "dessert for the eyes", she is!

  11. i've totally loved her style since i first saw her post in livejournal fashion communities... i think i lost internet track of her for a year or two and then rediscovered her on flickr while searching for vintage duds. she always shares the best inspiration stuff!

    i really love that she has an eccentric look without coming off as contrived or even costumey... it just SUITS her. these interviews are really fantastic hannah, i love getting to hear from these beautiful inspirational babes.

  12. That girl has such amazing style and confidence. She's refreshing!

  13. huge fan and I'd love for you to check out MY blog at
    :) <3


  14. Julia, exactly! Her dress is entirely sincere! It's a lot of fun interviewing these inspirational ladies. The world needs more like them!

  15. Nicole is the bees knees!

  16. yep, that's my big sister! she inspires me all the time! I love her!

  17. Thank you so much for doing this!! And thank you so much everyone for the generous comments!!

    Love Fashion Forestry

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  19. great interview! I`m glad i`ve found your blog, I`m your new follower now:) hopefully you might like to follow me too:)


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