Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FW Part 4: Kathryn Blackmore


In each of these interviews I've had an incredibly difficult time picking pictorial accompaniment as all of these ladies have an abundance of inspiring images. It was exceptionally hard for me to not post Kathryn's entire flickr collection! Kathryn Blackmore is a designer, illustrator and purveyor of the most delicious looking jewelry I've ever seen! She is most certainly one to keep a close eye on. 

1. What was your first fashion-related creation?

Back in my school days, I made a full-length dress consisting of leather panels and a handwoven bodice. Back then I thought it was great, although thinking about it now it was truly awful.



2. What or Who inspires you?

I find Alber Elbaz inspiring both as a designer and an individual.

The inspiration for my work depends on my mood, although I can always rely on natural history, traditional crafts and a personal collection of vintage finds.

Lately I have been finding inspiration in the form of medieval imagery, dreamy landscapes and Baroque art.


3. Biggest sartorial blunder?

Oh dear, I think a recurring sartorial blunder is over wearing my clothes. I have a habit of growing attached to items until they fall apart!


4. If you had to have a uniform for this season what would it look like?

I’d be very happy in a uniform of button-down shirts, preferably in silk, paired with slim-cut trousers, lace-up boots and one of the vintage mesh collars I scored this summer.



5. Any words of wisdom for people wishing to follow in your footsteps?

For anyone who has been thinking about setting up a blog or business, what are you waiting for? Making plans is great. Putting them into action is so much better!


Kathryn's Shop
Kathryn's Blog
Kathryn's Website
Kathryn's Flickr

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  1. i'm enjoying the recent series of posts hannah!

  2. Oh wow her jewellery is incredible!

  3. I've seen her jewelery around Flickr (actually I believe I have her as a contact) and it's so beautiful!

  4. Lovely! I just went to her shop and bought a sweet little vintage locket x

  5. I love this! Fashion week is great, but everyone posts about the same 5-6 shows...

    The jewelry is incredible!

  6. Oh my her pieces are absolutely magical, and I am thoroughly enjoying your interview blog series, thanks Hannah!

    Sharon xx

  7. Oh my those pieces are amazing :) I love your blog btw x

  8. Just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying these interviews, Hannah! :)

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  9. yes, that's really very very beautiful

  10. your fashion week posts are wonderful - thanks a bunch! and kathryn is a stunningly creative little petal <3

  11. Her jewellery is fabulous! I'm in love. Keep up the interviews! xx

  12. She is a pretty magical human being!

  13. oh so heavenly. I would love to own any piece.

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  15. oh I love those

  16. I love the dresses, so amazing, where can i get them?



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