Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Giveaway!

Those of you who guessed feline friends as the surprise guessed right! Though they did not arrive yesterday as anticipated so again I must wait, and wait, and wait for my fuzzy buddies (Monday morning come soon)!

Before this blog turns into a crazy cat album I've a little holiday treat for you! Bohemian Bisoux is very generously offering one of you lucky folks (I confess I'm a little jealous) $150 credit to her most delicious shop (open to international readers & free shipping)!

So, in the spirit of my giveaways past, you're not getting off easy with a simple comment expressing your lust for said prize instead you'll have to entertain (just a little)! In order to enter you'll need to either:

a) Visit Bohemian Bisoux, pick your favourite item and (after wiping the drool off your chin) describe how and where you'd wear said piece!


b) Share with me either an embarrassing, disaster-filled or heart-warming holiday tale!


c) BOTH! This is the most likely way to success, as I will be picking the winner based on their creativity/the amount of tears shed/the amount of liquid sprayed out of my nose from laughter. I always love reading your stories and am excited to hear what this round will bring!

Best of luck! You have until next Saturday (12/11) to enter! (Some holiday music to help you along!)

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