Wednesday, April 6, 2011

undies in the oven


A little sneak peek at what we're working on in the TLO lingerie department! These as of yet unnamed pieces will, fingers crossed, be available later this month! We're also expanding our current collection's size run to include extra small and extra large and have tweaked some of the sizing to fit true to modern day sizing. Trial and error, this!

Landon's computer is in the shop and my computer screen is cracked so that only a third of the already rather small screen is visible which makes internetting beyond email a bit of an eyesore so forgive me if I'm a bit quiet for the next while (though I have been a bit more of a silent blog stalker lately for which I apologize, I realize it is way more fun to participate and am always appreciative of all the comments you leave behind).

Hope all is well! I promise (for real) this is the last lounging in undergarments post for a long while!

& a new 8 tracks mix for you.

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