Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lessons I've Learned (in the last five days)

Do's and Don'ts for NYFW (taken from my very personal experiences):

Do: Spend FNO with your pals chatting comfortably in Brooklyn.

Don't: Arrive late for the event serving free grilled cheese. You will miss them and you will walk home shortly after dejected and craving grilled cheese.

Do: RSVP for Champagne Breakfast at Lucky Magazine HQ.

Don't: Show up half an hour late. You will enter a quiet boardroom meeting full of neatly dressed, bright-eyed young ladies (and man) and they will look at you and you will feel foolish and you will tell them your name incorrectly and then sink deep into your sideline sofa seat.

Do: Go home after early morning obligations and rest up for the remainder of the day.

Don't: Get sucked into netflixing Felicity and skip events to eat Garden Kitchen egg rolls and fried rice (because that's what they did on Felicity in one episode).

Do: Eat, you will need the energy later when you literally dance your shirt off (ahem, Landon). 

Don't: Eat foods that you are allergic to. You will get two ginormous underground red zits that will haunt you and the pictures you're in for the rest of FW.

Do: Go to after-parties, you will bond with new friends by rubbing sweaty bodies together, spilling drinks on them and watch with amazement one man's continuous attempt to walk through a mirror. 

Don't: Plan a breakfast an hour away after dance night out. You will be hungry on your long journey.

Do: Make sure your friends aren't already in the restaurant before sitting down outside to wait for them after showing up an hour past scheduled meet-up. (At least line had sausage bits, oranges and french fries while you wait, and pals to eat them with.)

Don't: Eat a bunch of greasy food prior to highly photographed events. You will look greasy and your allergy zits will be on full display and you will feel weird and all pictures will be you looking like cousin it as you try to hair curtain your face.

Do: Practice your "public photo face" prior to attending said event. (If you're a fashion blogger that takes street photos you've already got this one. If you're me and you only take photos of yourself pouting like a contemptuous child you will struggle and then you will look like a monster and never want to be photographed again).

Don't: Take off your shoes, your bandaid feet will be photographed and put on the internet.

Do: Attend events with people you admire and want to get to know better.

Don't: Be a creep and just smile and wave at them while downing the free cocktail (so delicious). You will feel crazy from the sugar and alcohol and then you will throw up (later, in the safety of your own home).

Do: Agree to host young style prodigy (or should I say, rookie, a harharhar) and beautiful photographer at your home as they work together on a new project. Feel elderly and admire the young folk for their motivation, intelligence and talent.

Don't: Greet Jeanne Beker while wearing a shredded dress and standing on a garbage pile across the street from your house. Or

Do: because it's "derelict" and will remind you of Zoolander and you will like that.

And last but not least:

Do: Plan a girls night in event for relaxation, good conversation, new games & food. I'm really happy to have you ladies in my life <3.

What have you learned this NYFW?

PS. I've made a facebook page for the blog as a kind of "scrapbook" behind the scenes stuff that I don't post over here (you know, pictures of my cats, me wearing clothing, friends, food, videos, etc.) :).

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