Sunday, October 2, 2011





I'm still in LA after extending my trip another week to really dig into beginning construction on our next collection. Little foggy-brained right now thanks to long hours and minimal amounts of sleep (was interrupted yesterday morning, my first sleep-in, by a cat licking plastic in the crib next to my air mattress and today by crowing roosters, tiny dogs and a noisy turtle, hehe). I've really enjoyed being at the shop, it's wonderful getting to know our customers and fascinating to see what they pick out (it seems Pasadena mums and I have very similar taste).  It can be a struggle though and on sleepy days like today I am tempted to run into the street and start frantically waving people into the store. So, dear Los Angeles friends, you've one week left to come into the shop and visit me and eat the ginger snaps I've put out (and have been eating steadily for the last three hours).

The pictures above are a little teaser from a shoot with my most beloved Californian friend, Aimee Brodeur. I cannot wait to share the complete story as she's truly outdone herself with this series, the lighting, cropping and colours are all absolute perfection. The full set will be released November 1st as we unveil a new section of our site which we hope to have function not unlike The Company of People once did.

Click through for a few new shots of the shop :D.

2 East Holly Street in Pasadena ;D.

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