Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Loved One and Yudi Ela










Last month, after England and a short visit to Vancouver, I met up with my baby brother in Northern California and together along with his best pal and my best pal we drove the scenic route down to Los Angeles. Upon our LA arrival we shot over to my partner's house, stuffed the already busting at the seams car with as many vintage velvet, taffeta and silk dresses as we could and headed over to photographer Yudi Ela's house. Yudi Ela is a marvelously talented Los Angles based photographer who I cannot recommend enough for those of you in need! She greeted us in the three digit weather with cool water, a fan and all my favourite nibbly bits. All of the dresses in the above shots are available now in our Pasadena shop and will soon be available online for purchase along with many, many more.  You can see the full collection of photos here!

All photos by Yudi Ela, please credit this lovely lady should you repost them. Thanks! 

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