Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shae Acopian Detar

You know when you meet somebody and something just clicks? And when you leave their presence you feel a little better about everything around you, a little spring in your step, a little creepy "I just fell in love" kinda grin on your face? There are a few women that I've had the extraordinary pleasure of getting to know better this last year who have each left me in this blissful state. Shae is one of those women. She's as perfect a companion as I could ever dream up. Unfortunately Shae, along with many of my loves (including my business), lives on the West Coast so our time together is sadly limited. I had the pleasure and the privilege of spending the morning with today and was reminded once again just how dearly I enjoy her company. So here is a post dedicated to her. The modern (and equally creepers) equivalent to shouting from the rooftops your love and admiration!

This is just a small selection of her fantastically gorgeous body of work. You can see her full portfolio here.

The artist!


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