Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Selby

A few months ago Todd Selby popped in for a second go round our apartment (though this time without the urban outfitter's staging). The pictures are sweet but served as a reminder that it is time to downsize our collections, or rather my collections, of random odds and ends. Since this photo series was released I've rearranged my living room, dresser top and bookshelf. The dolls have been hidden from Pippin (enthusiastic eater of doll hairs) and the out of season lighting has come down. Trying to de-clutter a tiny New York apartment when so much of the clutter has followed me from childhood has been challenging! I have determined in coming months to build an armoire in which I can toss my mountainous pile of dresses, hats, things with eyeballs and shoes, heh, we shall see. It's been four years now in this apartment and it's starting to feel awfully small and Hudson is smiling a great big pearly white smile and summoning with a crooked finger.

See the full photo series here: The Selby: Hannah Metz at Home in Brooklyn

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