Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Feline Feeling

The Feline Feeling from The Loved One on Vimeo.
Louisa came for freedom, she came for stardom but she stayed for... The Feline Feeling. Follow Louisa as she meets the right kind of sewing, stealing and stripping gang of cats lead by Renee and Lucille (played by a be-wigged Lucy in her debut role). Cat fights, cat burglars and cat cats come together for the most dramatic picture ever produced. Can you resist...The Feline Feeling?
It was such a pleasure working with this incredible cast and crew who brought to life all our funny fantasies dreamt up over long rag picking days. The lingerie styles worn by "Louisa" (my party name given to creepy creepers) are all items we're working on producing over the next few months and the kitty panty and hat will be available shortly online. Hope you enjoy...The Feline Feeling.

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