Sunday, July 5, 2009

flickr favourites 004

Denishawn dancers selling Liberty Bonds. by New York Public Library weighing by phheww nude stretching in toe shoes by phheww Grecian Guild Studio Quarterly No.12, p. 64 by phheww Grecian Guild Studio Quarterly No.12, p. 16 by phheww lyre on a rock by phheww a doll on a bolster by phheww pre-civilized by phheww firelit nude by phheww nymph mocking a satyr by phheww naiad with weedy hair by phheww Violet Pemberton by phheww tiger skin and fur rugs by phheww enclosed by two feathers by phheww constellation of beauty by phheww one of those snaky ladies like they have over there by phheww What the ... ! by phheww dressing her hair by phheww left with a smile on her face by phheww swinging in sandals by phheww Edmonde Guy and Ernst Van Duren by phheww with a pierrot smoking set by phheww underclothing in the sea by phheww in striped pajamas 01 by phheww L'├ętrange Nadja by phheww curvaceous 01 by phheww lorelei and swain in swimming attire by phheww L'Emeraude by phheww showing off her long hair by phheww unguarded buttocks by phheww book nook by phheww sapphic fortune-telling by phheww Mack Senett belle by phheww with thurible by phhewwfastening her shoe by phheww after the bath by phheww utter innocence by phheww mink coat, no drawers by phheww fantasy cravat 02 by phheww ? by phheww mounting the rocks by phheww through gilded trellises of the heat, Dolores by phheww death and the maiden by phheww trying on a garland by phheww "Un Bon Vivant" by phheww with a flower on the edge of a tapestry by phhewwfloating on the stream by phheww hanging on to a bench rail by phheww
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  1. I love these kind of photos. I cannot see the originals because I need to sighn in ×_×.
    In Paris you can buy these on postcards in the green backets close to the Seine. :]

  2. Well, shoot. That's a lot of nakid laydays. I love your blog, come en see me sometime little woman. eee!

  3. I love it when you do all the hard work so i don't have to! perfect selection as usual.

  4. ohh love all of the inspirations lovelovelove


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