Thursday, January 14, 2010

my sugar, she's so refined


grandma + grandpa


Hello friends! My apologies for an extended absence! Thank you for all the kind comments on my previous post! I've added many of you to my ever-expanding google reader and I thank you for letting me peek in on your own adventures. My eye recovered only to be brutalized yet again as I was picking my nailpolish off and had sliver of polish spring into my eyeball - the very same naughty eyeball. It's back to glasses for me :(. The holidays were glorious and food and family filled (I hope the same was true of your holidays). Our arrival home proved to be no less busy and Landon has been overwhelmed with preparations for upcoming TCOP exhibition at Space 15 Twenty. I've started working on my own projects including getting spring goodies ready for selling on the internet (have had a great debate on whether to sell on ebay or etsy - have opted for ebay).

While in Vancouver I managed to snag a handful of loose photographs from my grandparent's garage and have uploaded a few to share with you. The ones above are my beautiful grandma and grandpa and the ones below my beautiful mummy and badass dad. My mum's wedding attire I think requires some explanation - it was designed by a friend of hers and was not available until the day of, her hat the final touch to her mystery chef-like ensemble. She had fashion balls. And how wee and youthful is my dad? All gangly limbs and big hair. They were a pair. I've added a few pictures of my own ginger child self - like Conan, I was the sole ginger in family of blondes, brunettes and raven-hued locks. My mum paid extra care to protect me from the sun and while she and my brother turned golden in the summer I remained practically transparent (once convinced that I could, in fact, glow in the dark) and ghostly. I wasn't sure what to make of my copper coloured tresses' and was often disheartened by the great number of fictional redheaded orphans - were we so terrible? Even I am half-adopted! Perhaps it is the alleged hot temper? Though any friend of mine can tell you that they've never heard me raise my voice or flush for any reason other than embarrassment. Oh ginger babies, why so misunderstood?





hugging liam






For those of you interested in donating to earthquake relief in Haiti I would encourage you to take a gander at this list of charities or for my US buddies texting 90999 with "Haiti" to donate $10 to the Red Cross.


  1. Yea, good to see you back! I love old pictures too, they are so fun and nostalgic. Your parents are very attractive, and your dad was one handsome man! I sure wish my red hair was natural, it would be much less maintenance. Thanks for adding the link to donate to Haiti, I did via the web because I wanted to donate more than 10$. I am a little sad because of all the fashion blogs I read, I haven't seen much about the tragedy, So thanks for caring! xoxo

  2. Lovely photos! The last one is particularly cute, I don't know why but I love photos of little girls in their first ballet classes. Maybe it stems from seeing my cousin at ballet when we were four and being wildly jealous.

  3. Beautiful photos, specially the 11th photo! Amazing mood and light!

  4. Glad you're back. I only just discovered your blog during your hiatus and have been eagerly awaiting an update! Such beautiful photos! I'm also having serious contact lens and eye issues... I can't bear glasses... so I think I might have to get lasered. (And to think my Dad offered to pay for my lasering when I was 18 but I turned him down! The offer is now unfortunately rescinded.) How I miss the days of carefree vision!

  5. I saw last nights conan, oh you gingers. I dream of being on conan only to touch those unlawful locks.
    I seriously can not wait until your ebay store opens! best of luck with that eye. ...I've been stuck in frames for a while as well. Hey at least you have cool frames!


  6. lovely photos... all of them!

    i have been debating over which site (ebay/etsy) to sell on ever since i started (a long time ago)... you can always try both :)


  7. these photos are lovely.
    i always steal some of my parents photographs when i go home and visit too.

  8. lovely photos hannah! you are so cute as a child and has grown into a very beautiful woman. you're mom and dad are as stylish as you are it seems, looks like it runs in the family <3

    worry not about all the ginger haired babies, i think ginger/red haired ladies are sexy and gets much more attention than blondes. though you look amazing in any kind hair color :)

  9. Lovely pics! And Im loving your mom's wedding shoes! :D

  10. Oh gawd. I mean when I look at your tiny little self I am just mesmerized by the similarity of my child self. We are THE same!
    Wish I could show you.
    It is strange because I am the only ginger in my family of blonds and brunettes and while growing up..the only one in class!
    I am not sure whether it helped that I was a bit chubs, transparent, all teeth and ginger but I survived.
    And then turned blond after my teens (all naturally).
    It was a gift from above I thought. But still I shall always remain a proud ginger ninja! <3

  11. Wow! the guy in the 4th to last photo is gorgeous!

  12. gosh, these are adorable! your grand parents look all chic and kennedy-ish, too. ;D

  13. love these. a happy feeling eminates from them...

  14. That first photo is so perfect in every way!

    And sorry about the eye, goodness I've had the nail polish in the eye thing happen to me so many times. I'm a habitual nail polish picker ... it's an addiction.

  15. Hi Hannah - It's so good to have you back. The family pictures are a gem! (We had the same red plastic Ikea chairs). Re Redheads... I gave myself a boost by making Pippi Longstockings my personal hero. Sabine x

  16. pictures of you as a little girl hannah are just adorable and your parents pictures kind of remind me of you and landon's pictures. two beautiful people so in love. ps: glad you're back!

  17. Oh I have missed your posts Hannah!

    These photographs are lovely - I adore your grandparents and parents wedding photographs. Your Mother's wedding outfit is amazing!

    You were such a cute child! The ballet photo is adorable! I dye my hair ginger.... so strange how children seem to get picked on for it, but when we grow up, ginger hair is desired! Think of Lily Cole and Karen Elson!


  18. I love watching old photos, they all tend to be so beautiful. or is it me just romanticizing everything old.

  19. Have you ever read "Still Life with Woodpecker" by Tom Robbins? If not, you should if you ever get in the reading mood. It's about a ginger girl and talks a lot about red heads, I think you would enjoy it.

  20. I am a ginger, too! I am the only one in my family and everyone was surprised that I came out with all of the recessive traits. My parents both have dark hair and tan so easily, but not me. I personally hated it growing up because I was terribly shy and since I was the only ginger in my classes and family, I was always pointed out. Not fun. Hairdressers never let me change it though because all the woman in the beauty shop wanted my color. :(

    I've finally accepted it now that I'm in my mid-twenties :)

  21. oh so glad you're back! and thank you for sharing those pictures, how rad! have you seen this site?

  22. welcome back! I love all of these photos! you were a little cutie. Nothing wrong with being a ginger - I never got that stigmatize.

  23. What is the adress of your ebay shop?
    I'd like to see and maybe buy some goodies of you!
    Take care

  24. Hey Hannah, great photos! I can't wait to see your ebay store! Do you have any items up right now? What is the name of your ebay store? Thanks!

  25. Similarly...I was the ownly pale faced ginger amongst a family of raven hair..and yes my skin is particularly transparent, to point that sometimes my boyfriend shakes me to check whether I'm still alive, more often than not I look dead!
    Absolutely love your blog! ~ You're making me seriously want to cut my fringe back!

  26. Hanna, i just.. this i so weird, but the first picture, the one with your grandmother in the rain -it looks just like me! I just.. i dont have any pictures to show you, so obviously you don't believe me, but maybe Agnes Thor can confirm it.
    It looks just like me, the teeths, the nose, shin and cheeks.. specially the teeths.
    How very weird. maybe we are related? haha
    ..Well my fathers father was named Stanley and born in Chicago. His father was called.. something Swedish.. and died quite young in lung disease -in Chicago.
    (im sorry. im not a wierd stalker. just a bit.)

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I must confirm that the first image is so look-alike my dear friend and ally Janna that is almost too good to be true! Look here!

    Lovley images Hannah, hope you and Landon are well XO

  29. I'm so so happy you're back Hannah!!

    Awwww,its such adorable photos of your mom and dad when they got married:)
    Love love the photos when you wer younger too heeee

  30. holy cow. i think your grandparents are giving you and landon a run for the "most darling couple ever" title.


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