Wednesday, July 6, 2011

home sweet home

bobo's tail

in colour


laid back

Landon and I celebrated our 5th year of marriage last Saturday by purchasing a much needed sofa (poor friends, how you have suffered our floor and old springy seat for so long)! It's amazing what more of a home a comfortable "chesterfield" (as my 8 year old brother calls it) makes.

We are at this moment engaged in old married activities including lounging on sofa watching America's Got Talent with fan and pupusa carnage spread about us moving on shortly to eating leftover cupcakes and watching Ancient Aliens in bed. Thrilling! Really it is a most ideal evening after months (it would seem) of non-stop social and work activity. All I want for the remainder of the summer is to hide out on my new sofa reading and watching period pieces, pettin' the cats and enjoying an occasional sunny, grassy dining experience. Maybe just for this week, or until the next house guest arrives which is in approximately two days O_O.

Thanks so much for all your suggestions in my last post! I am plotting all sorts of blog posts for this month (including a timeline of style blunders made by yours truly throughout those wonderful high school years, hopefully will not be alone in sharing these? I love nothing more than peeking in on young friend photos)!

Once again I've no mix to share with you of my own making but currently this one has been on repeat over here!

ps. I just learned about instagram thanks to Lisa and Kennedy and have been obnoxiously documenting hot dogs, cats and boys hanging out in my livingroom since! You can follow me at hannahkristina on there :D I've also been updating the old tumblr loads more lately here! Wearing some goodies that I'll be listing in shop soon.

Some Bobo <3


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  2. I am diggin' all your photography - it's so unique and romantic. Congrats to you and Landon on your recent anniversary!

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