Tuesday, February 7, 2012

let's try this again

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I've had the privilege of shooting with wonderfully talented and lovely friend Agnes Thor on multiple occasions these past few weeks. She has been helping The Loved One refine our "online presence" (no more self timer! no more fuzzy faces!) and has done a beautiful job of it. (These photos are pure camera and lighting trickery, I don't know any time that I've looked in the mirror and seen my face look like that. The hairy thighs are, however, an accurate representation.) I am very fortunate to have found myself surrounded by such talented and generous and funny friends (and also cheese dips and onion dips and chocolate cakes).

We're, erm, just a pinch behind on the release of our next collection and have embarrassingly missed the Valentine's rush but it is all for good and lovely things! Our manufacturer has just given birth and my partner has been snuggled up with her own pea these last few months. I have no good excuse for my dropping the ball save for devoting a great deal of time to sneezing, coughing and sleeping off this miserable and lingering winter cold which has rendered me useless in all activities requiring attention to detail (also watching the entire Sherlock series).

All photos by Agnes Thor

(ps Have any of my usa friends tried turntable.fm?)

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