Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Behind the Scenes with Samantha Pleet

Directed by Maximilla Lukacs and Sarah Sophie Flicker
Produced by Samantha and Patrick Pleet
Director of Photography - Ashley Connor
(Full credit list at bottom of post.)

Some behind the scenes shots taken by Landon (when Landon, River God, was not flexing his spear muscles, making out in paradise or playing with my hair). I think I've exhausted "magical" but our week shooting in paradise couldn't have a more fitting adjective. I'm completely ensorcelled by this cast and crew of brilliant women, little women and men. Emily's luminous performance, the perfection of each shot by cinematographer Ashley, Maximilla and Sarah's inspired directing (and Sarah near 8 months pregnant and in the midst of a move) and Sam and Pat, who worked tirelessly, building rafts, cooking for 20+, ensuring those around them were happy, well fed and enthusiastic about their work all while maintaining a sunny disposition throughout, those two especially are a force to be reckoned with. I fell pretty well in love with the whole lot of them!

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Cast and Crew continued
Original Score by Sky Country
Additional Score by NUG
Clothes - Samantha Pleet Spring/Summer 2014 collection
Shoes - Wolverine 1000 Mile by Samantha Pleet
Headpieces done in collaboration with Hannah Metz
DJ for Premiere Party - Tennessee Thomas

Emily Theobald - Aglea (explorer)
Carlen Altman - Niad (magical teacher)
Andrea Estella - Flora (twins)
Hannah Metz - Fauna (twins)
Sarah Sophie Flicker - Gaia (fertility goddess)
Landon Metz - as himself (river god)
Arrow - Syrinx (shaman staff bearer)
Tennessee Thomas - Narrator

Set Designer - Chelsea Maruskin
Assistant Set Designer - Keren Weiss
1st A.D. - Lucy Munger
Stylist - Hannah Metz
Hair - Travis Speck
Makeup - James Boehmer
Production Assistants - Amber Day and Lauren McFadzean

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