Saturday, August 23, 2008

creative mythology

i said i'd write about all of our wonderful COMPANY contributors but i lied, i am a lazy turd so i didn't do it. but here is a quick peak at some of my favourites...
tania leshkina

william hundley

landon's other life partner andy dixon

dean sullivan

hanna terese nilsson.

aran darling is too prodigious a talent to choose just one drawing to lure you to his internet space but please please do if only to read this story.
the submission deadline is tomorrow, i feel giddy like a kid at christmas. what cheeseburgers and sweaters and stories of prostitutes will santa bring me this year?


  1. this is going to be so successful, this is both of your minds and eyes at work, and it has turned out to be such an ( orgasm overload) of aesthetically great work. Well done.

  2. ohh thank you sweet aimee! i can't wait for your contribution to the next one!


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