Friday, January 9, 2009

it's hard to believe you were once this good

designers, you sleep.
what are you favourite publications?


  1. old vogue was so cool! do you follow this flickr? it's awesome:

    I don't really look at many magazines these days cause I can't afford to buy them, but Lula is really pretty and I will shell out for that one.

  2. ohhh i love vintage fashion photography, there was so much more artistry to it! the colour and design of the photos are so gorgeous.

    as far as i can tell there is only one photographer and one model in the world right now and every picture is a boney naked girl by a window.

    (lula is lovely though)

  3. OH thank you so much for the comment! I have to admit, your hair was part of my inspiration! I REALLY love your hair! hhee!

  4. I enjoy reading amelia´s mag for the cute illustrations and lula for the photos and clothes. sadly they´re not published that often.

  5. Check out Harper's in the 60s. Love.
    Also check out The September Issue if you haven't already. Come interesting peeks in the life of Vogue design and the sadness of what never makes it in.


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