Sunday, February 1, 2009

favourite movies

anne of green gables

valerie a tyden divu




sense & sensibility

secret of the roan inish (part 1)

part 2

the secret garden


lasky jedne plavovlasky

(a little bit more from that one)

the new world (best final scene ever!)

your turn


  1. too much fucking fun, i have orders to fill & a friend coming over, so maybe is should tidy, BUT this is too good to pass up, you did say "your turn" right?!

  2. We are like movie fan twins. Anne of Green Gables, the Secret Garden, Sense and Sensibility. All those scenes are so great.

  3. thanks for sharing, you have excellent taste in films.baracka scares me though; i don't like monkeys too much.

  4. I love most all these movies, just watched the new world clip brought a tear to my eye, it is one of the most beautiful movies and the ending scene is amazing. Ah Anne of Green Gables, Secret Garden... they all are soo good.


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