Sunday, February 1, 2009

with a blanket on my head

friends, i should be more productive with my time but all i want to do is youtube scenes from my favourite movies think about scanning my books. i've found myself fully submerged in a creative rut. how do i pop my head out of it? how do you pop your head out of it? do you spend all day "wehearting" naked girls in pretty light? because with the exception of a short break for coffee and eggs that's what i did.


  1. i've tried the wehearting naked girls/cute couples looking artsy and although it suppresses the immediate need to do anything creative, it just ain't working! i need halp too, tell me when you find it plz!

  2. this is why I have a new day, my new day is called adventure day. and yes, although the name is not too creative, it has done the opposite. I find a location any location within a 1-2 hour radius and I make a date with it. I say. " adventure spot I am spending some quality time with you, Im gonna lay on you, take photos of you, and buy things from you." New places, new scenes, and new light sometimes make for some mental help when my brain is in a redundant spot. btw, you are coming with me on some of these.

  3. When I can muster up the courage, I close the laptop. Lately I have been glued to the thing watching movies on Netflix. Right now I have to find last night's Gossip Girl. It's a sickness! I also need help!

  4. what i do when i feel non-creative is go for a walk, drink black tea, then breathe deeply.

    it doesn't work though. don't try it.

  5. Haha dear...
    Soo recognisable what you wrote...
    I did nothing nessacary (?) unless looking for beauty on the internet and drank some wine with a friend...

    Life doesn't have to be serious all the time... ;)



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