Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my arms are too strong

recently resigned in order to relocate and have, as a result, a few weeks of freedom (time to take quick pictures of outfits while the sun still shines) before working again! exciting, though a little bittersweet as i will terribly miss my friends and co-workers behind those infamous red doors. the last two dresses were gifts from a friend i am heart-broken to leave behind (one friend of many). los angeles you have been kind to me, i will think fondly of you (even though you have made my arms muscley and kept me kittenless for two whole years.)


  1. hey U little Potter! love Ur cute hat <3

  2. you have such a wonderful womanly figure!
    truly beautiful.

  3. The glasses look wonderful on you.

  4. I love your hair. And i agree you do have a very classy look about you.

  5. That hat!! Why has no one commented on that one? I love it :3


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