Friday, April 17, 2009

summer sweets

new summer shots up on the quiksilver blog!
wearing quiksilver's masai sleeveless dress, favourite 40's pumps and vintage beaded hat (with a hidden bow on the side). i reckon this is more suited to a chilly northwestern summer evening rather than what my summer will likely be (a humid, sticky mess) on the eastcoast. check out the other ladies summer looks!


  1. you are always a vision! perfect photo! i have a cute photo my bf took, i'll post it asap! and i thiiiink i get to move to ny for the summer, so we need to play x

  2. Lara, thank you!

    Krystal, yes we must! i will have the same number for about a month or so more and then it will be best to contact me via email for a bit! <3

  3. you guys look so cute!
    .... . love sock and heels.

  4. congrats on the quicksilver spread! I really love that turban/hat/headband thing you are wearing. Totally pulls the look together and gives it such a retro yet modern feel.

  5. aw, you look so lovely!! fantastic turban-wearing!

  6. beautiful! love the modern mixed with luxe 40's charm.



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