Thursday, April 16, 2009

travel throat

q: what did the egg say to the water?

a: it might take me a while to get hard - i just got laid by some chick.
just a little belated Easter humor for you my friends.

landon and i spent the day recovering from two weeks of spinning heads, one week spent in my beloved homeland and two days of scrubbing and packing our apartment and then driving to landon's family home in arizona. the couch feels like heaven's clouds beneath my bottom. in two weeks we will be settling into our new spot in Brooklyn, please feel free to share your favourite haunts specifically favourite haunts that include cheese and bread (or cheesy covered noodles)!


  1. It isn't in Brooklyn, it's in hell's kitchen, but you have to check out kashkaval! At first it just looks like a cheese shop but further in there are a few quaint little tables. So fucking delicious!

  2. thanks for the chuckle!
    I think every modern young adult should have a strong arsenal of hammy jokes on hand for awkward silences and pauses in conversation... and for blog entry openings.

  3. thank you Julia!! CHEESE!

    Bee - i wholeheartedly concur! i will continue to post my favourite knee slappers in future entries.

  4. Best cheese in Williamsburg:
    Spuyten Duyvil on Metropolitan and Havemeyer. They have an impressive rotating cheese selection, imported beers, and a lovely backyard.
    Bedford Cheese is on Bedford and N 4th. It's not dine-in and it's a little pricey, but their selection is so good! Their employees are very smart and accommodating. They also have sandwiches, some groceries, and lovely bread.
    If you're in the east village go to the cheese shop on 3rd ave btwn 10th and 11th st. They have a wheel of brie for a dollar! They're not a dine in either, but they make sandwiches, have groceries, and are shockingly inexpensive. If they're not busy they'll let you try practically all of the cheeses. I think that they're my favorite!

  5. whoa! Chelsea! i trust you will be accompanying me on my cheese quest? :D

  6. love you shmoopy, I hope Arizona is good to you, I will talk to you when I get home, I want to hear all about your wonderful little sister and brother time!

  7. aimee, how i missss you! i think we made a huge mistake spending every day together up until your departure! now i feel even more deprived of your absence! your blog is a happy consolation though, you look so beautiful and joyous on your european romp! i love you my darling friend!

  8. WHERE IN BROOKLYN? I'm in Greenpoint--COME OVER!

  9. I am going to eat as much cheese as possible with you!

  10. yes indeed, bedford cheese shop!

  11. I'm in AZ, if you're here for a while and fancy meeting up.. Would love to chat about all things art and fashion :)

  12. hehehe. Naughty little chicky jokes!


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