Thursday, April 2, 2009

wrap yourself around my head

landon and i are working on a little project for AA with scrap fabrics! this is a sneak peek of the scrap headband (you will have to wait for the completed zine to see all the other fun things that can be done with scraps). i'm rather keen on this bandage-like wrap and will likely wear it beyond my apartment hallway someday.

i am in serious procrastination mode and trying to ignore my messy apartment and the packing of messy apartment that must be done. instead i am beseeching landon to take pictures of my daily attire and watching documentaries on elizabeth the first (glorious joblessness). above i am wearing vintage dress that i botched a little when shortening (an easy fix if i was not feeling so lazy) AA socks and vintage shoes.

today we received two pretty polka-dot packages in the mail from a kind soul at topshop! inside the packages we found a tote bag, t-shirt and their handsome new lookbook!

landon inspecting the goods; he is impressed with the lookbook.
little faces on their tote bag that remind me of a sweeter version of our old scribble pages that we used to play around on.


  1. Lucky you! I love your photos! You girls are gorgeous!

    La C.

  2. aw, you look lovely! you would be the best dress-ups partner :)

  3. wow i love the tote!

    where can we get one?

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  5. Love your outfit!
    Your photos are so gorgeous
    What camera do you take them with?

  6. I wear a lot of things in my apartment that somehow never make it to the outside world.


  7. Such an interesting series of pictures!!!!!
    I love your blog! Please check out mine...

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  9. Lucky, how did they know to send it to you? I wanta tote now to :)

  10. the topshop stuff looks great, and I love the head wrap :)

  11. always looking like cool cats.

    i like that you work for aa. i wish i could do something more creative like this, designs, etc. i am being trained on visuals..........

  12. I love this head scarf idea. Very cute pics on here!

  13. landon's work is amazing. he made some for me for my birthday last year and i have it hanging in my room. i get a million compliments on them :)


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