Sunday, June 14, 2009

200 horses stuck on island

a happy looking lot


landon and i have locked ourselves in our room all day and are presently working our way through the third season of lost at rapid speed (i realize we are a good 5 years late on this phenomenon) how addictive it is! we've taken to eating all our meals in our bed basking in the glow of the lost laptop. a travesty considering all of brooklyn was basking in the warm june sunlight with hot dogs and cool beverages. we are not all horizontal though, we had an eventful weekend otherwise indulging in rockband, german beer, pancakes and excellent company.


  1. oh anne.... she's just the best ever, right?
    i need to buy the dvd box set now that it's FINALLY been released!

  2. ohh i love these photos!

  3. ... RockBand and Lost...
    Oh Hannah, who are you ?!!!

  4. It sounds like you are reenacting a nostalgic memory of mine... watching lost in bed on a laptop, with your loved one for hours/days on end completely oblivious to the outside world... bliss.

  5. just found your work, such a fan

  6. the maisies - she issssss! and can be played by nobody but megan follows (and me! ehehehehheheh jk)! i want the dvd collection so badly but have yet to find it for a price my wallet agrees with. :(

    miss soggy smog - me? i am lover of precocious redheaded characters, karaoke, secret island,cheese and bed. quite simple really.

    kirrily - it's funny just how many people have said the very same whenever we mention our recent lost addiction! i'm quite happy to have caught on so late in the game just so we can indulge in these marathons! i can't imagine waiting week to week to find out what's going to happen next!

  7. Oh no offense Miss Hannah! Just small reminders that you are from this modern age can be somewhat depressing.

    Love Smog

  8. I love Anne! and that scene in the river, oh the nostalgia... i loved the books and the tv series as a little girl.

    and i love your blog. it is so dreamy and wonderful.

  9. your photographs are always so dreamy! kelsey xoxo

  10. My boyfriend and I are watching lost too, last week we finished season 3, and 4. This week we are watching season 5. But I think, after days and days of infinite lost, we are gonna have to wait a year to see the next and final season, it sucks.

    My advice for you is to go slowly and gently through lost, don't go crazy.

    By the way, I've been reading your blog lately, I love the documentation you make of your own life. I am a fan now.


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