Tuesday, June 23, 2009

just dance

Flickr Commons is my presently my favourite hunting grounds for eye candy (searching "modern dance" has been especially fruitful). where do you find your photographic favourites? i'm discouraged by my computer's inability to take screenshots otherwise i would be filling this blog with precious moments of my favourite celluloid heroes. perhaps you have tricks to share? 

i've added a FAQ to the sidebar and hope to update it regularly with more q&a. at the moment you can find out what camera we use, how we met and where i like to shop. rather broad and not entirely helpful but soon i will be answering all life's pressing questions with great detail and some philosophical musing (and links! links to everything!). in the meantime i hope you enjoy these pictures and fantasize yourself balancing on one leg, veiled and by a pond with lady friends as i have been doing these last few hours.


  1. ooh so happy i found your blog! i remember you from livejournal, way back when!


  2. ohh these photos make my heart swoon!
    (especially the third one)
    and i completely understand your frustration
    with not being able to take screenshots.
    usually i just go to film still communities on livejournal in order to find decent stills.

  3. Hi I love your photos, they are so cool! If you can can you check out our blog, 'Who's that girl there?' and see what you think? thanks:)x

  4. wonderful choices you've made! these photos are incredible!

  5. love the photos! choreographed dancing with matching outfits is so right. always inspiring

  6. I love how you can pick such amazing pictures :] It goes very well with my weakness for old/interesting photos :)


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