Wednesday, July 8, 2009

dog faces

landon and i celebrating our anniversary. we spent the day at the Met, ate street nuts and street chicken then found our very own sunny secluded corner in central park and played with our camera and reclined in soft grass. i love how the grass is a different shade in each picture - oh the glory of a film camera! we went for a movie followed by dinner at our favourite indian restaurant (really its the only indian cuisine we've tried since moving here given our limited finances. their portions are so generous and so delicous that i find my belly rumbling for it at this very moment). time to eat!


  1. mmm... indian food is the best.
    I love the first photo with your
    lovely hat. Oh yes,
    and happy late anniversary. My, parents also were married on the 2nd
    of july. .. but way back when.

  2. happy anniversary! these photos are so pretty. i feel super lame because in all the time i have lived in ny i have never once been to central park.

    ps. to be a tiny bit guys walked past me in williamsburg like a week ago but i felt too funny saying something!

  3. these photos are so so beautiful!
    with which camera do you have made the photos?


  4. I love those photos! happy anniversary then :)

  5. I'm in love with that first photo!

    & Happy anniversary ^^

  6. Seems like you had a marvelous time!

  7. Landon's rings are so cool!
    Ahh Central Park looks so beautiful, I'm coming to nyc in December I can't wait to visit there (except I doubt it will be so lovely and sunny!) xx

  8. Aww, beautiful pictures! They definitely have a "vintagey' feel to them. Congrats on the anniversary!

  9. i just found you, and i've been sifting through your photographs for the past hour-

    this is a very beautiful, calming, inspiring place to be-

    mmmmMMMMmm. i eat/cook indian twice a week.


  10. Happy Anniversary! You guys make such a wonderful couple, and I love how you obviously inspire each other so much. My husband and I are also in the same field of work, so I'm inspired by other couples who are inspired by one another :-). Is your favorite Indian restaurant Curry in a Hurry in Murray Hill by the way? I'm nostalgic for their ginormous portions.

  11. Beautiful pics!!!
    you're lovely!


  12. I love the first photo, so beautiful. It's so pretty how the sun peaks over the girl's hat :)

  13. You are both, oh, so beautiful!

  14. Just lovely and the tone is so romantic. mmm, I feel like indian food now :P

  15. I'm on a pistachio nut craze right now. yum. Beautiful photos as always, been visiting this blog a bit, saying hello deary.

  16. You guys are lucky to have each other! Wunderbar!

  17. awe, being married is awesome, isn't it?
    beautiful photos !

  18. these photos are gorgeous! so summery.

  19. Happy anniversary!
    the pics are lovely and the colour in them is gorgeous.
    Love ur blog, my favourite favourite!!

  20. Can I have your youtube video links?

    I posted this before but I don't see my comment

  21. Oh my gosh
    I totally love it and you could pull it off.
    i recommend

    have fun^^


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