Monday, July 13, 2009

pусалочка (the little mermaid)

and one of my favourite parts...

since receiving this in the mail thanks to wonderful netflix i have enjoyed multiple viewings watching with a grin ear to ear each time. i spent many nights as a wee one swooning over my complete works of Hans Christian Andersen and other classic fairy tales illustrating them (and on occasion drawing my own fairy tales: prince falls in love with serf girl, serf girl denies his affections, he relinquishes his crown for her love and labors hard in an effort to prove it, a mish-mash of all my favourites). in our sensible electronic age of "reality" and HD there are very few things that are capable of achieving such dreamy escapism. the story of the little mermaid has secured itself a special spot in my heart from watching this as a little girl, to this book (i to this day treasure) to the beloved disney version (which i naturally fancied as she was a ginger like me). that the hopelessly in love sea lady chose the prince's life over her own happiness has stayed sweet far longer than the happy ending of ariel and prince eric and taught me early a lesson in sacrifice (voice and life for love? what sixteen year old didn't entertain with the idea of giving either up for such a noble cause as love). my eyes are not wanting to stay open but before i head for my pillow i wanted to share with you another tragic sea lady, Ondine. my personal favourite is the ballet version but the Sleep of Ondine is pretty wonderful as well (though tragic in an entirely different, and quite adult, way). i apologize, i realize this whole post is tiresomely long and is probably now making slim sense due to sleep deprivation and hamburger induced coma. good night friends! enjoy the eye candy and sweet tails! ehehehe - tails.


  1. I saw the Ondine ballet in London last month, it was truly hauntingly beautiful.

  2. beautiful and kinda scary too

  3. So interested in these kinds of movies.

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  5. How beautiful and magical! I can see why you would like it.
    Are you a fan of Fairy Tale Theatre by Shelley Duvall?

  6. oohh
    this looks amazing!
    there's also a czech version of the little mermaid
    that i've been wanting to see.
    it was made in the '70s too and it's called "Malá morská víla." the actress who played valerie in valerie and her week of wonders even has a small role in it!
    i've heard that there are no versions of the film available with english subtitles though...
    anyway, just thought you might be interested :)

  7. Lovely blog
    Inspired me all the more as an artist and a fashion addict

    Kiss from Melbourne

  8. I have wanted to see this version for such a long time. Definitely need to add it to my queue.

    The Little Mermaid has always been a favorite tale of mine, and the Disney version made me happy to be a redhead as well. :) It's such a timeless piece.

  9. Ahhhh! This is on my netflix! I actually made a post about this and Donkey Skin (have you seen it?!?!) oh I love it!

  10. oh wow, how lovely these images are. the clips are very theatrical and make me like mermaids way more than i did before

  11. I just can't tell you how much I love your blog! I actually bought this dvd after seeing it on your blog (dorky I know, but I'm so glad I did). Thanks for all your excellent posts, you feel like a virtual friend! Annie xx

  12. OMG I haven't seen pictures of this for what seems like eons. It was one of my favourite films during my childhood. I was absolutely obsessed with fairy tales. I have read literally every book from the Brother Grimm to fables and the russian fairy tales, swoon! I love the stories and watched every fairy tale that was turned into a film. So many memories!! <3


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