Tuesday, October 13, 2009

turkeys in the graveyard


the hangover

rock party

night at the museum

you look nice like a wolf

romance I

romance II

a baby john is born

september in pictures. landon and john (one half of our glorious three week house companions) went out to get bread one night for our family dinner and came back with a wolf that had been given to them (on loan) by a very generous artist up the street. he has since been returned (much to my relief - i did not like his menacing red eyes).


  1. I love the photos you post that document your life. It's like glimpses of random, strange, or simple moments coupled with other ones of the same nature and it creates the most wonderful mixture. Very beautiful.

  2. Fabulous !

  3. That wolf thing is creepy...but oddly awesome. Perhaps I'd change my mind if it was up close, but it looks crazy-cool in the photo!

  4. Aw, that's such a happy pic of your husband and you, hannah!
    Makes me smile! :)

  5. john is a beautiful baby!

  6. im loving the pics of john in that flower?thing ! :)

  7. Beautiful photos once again !! And I really love love the photo of you two together,so sweet :)

    And what's that in the last photo ?? Is it a cone ?!

  8. I absolutely love that wolf thing (I have no idea what it would be called!) Your photos are always so interesting. x

  9. I thought the last photo was funny. He’s all alone sleeping on that big shell. It’s sad to look at but why is it seems so funny to me?

  10. You must have a lot, too much fun. Living together for a while, I wonder where that wolf wool came from?


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