Wednesday, November 25, 2009

achieving spontaneous expression




thank you for all your responses regarding my hair dilemma! it seems you were all overwhelmingly in favour of going back to natural ginger locks (though perhaps risky business at this time)! i thank you for picking the cheapest and (eventually) easiest hair-do for me!

those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile are probably familiar with landon's work with american apparel. a few months ago he collaborated with them on this pair of tights featuring his watercolour painting. keep your eyes peeled as they're set to release more of this style in the near future.

pardon my gloomy disposition in above photo, it was part blinding light on pale eyes and part meditating on moving and thanksgiving preparations (and perhaps a pinch of "model face"?). we've set our moving date for this tuesday! i'm eager to settle into our new abode and to welcome a new and furry friend into our family. yes, friends, the time has come - we are having a kitten. he will not be the one-eyed black persian that i had so pined for but he will be perfect nonetheless. he will sleep in our bed and jump on our feet and purr on our faces and at three in the morning when we are fed up with his shenanigans we will put him outside our door but then he will cry and we will admit defeat and let him back in where he will then continue to play with our feet and purr on our faces but we will be happy and fall asleep smiling. yes, these are the scenarios that i've been dreaming for months, no, years (it's been exactly five years since i've last had the pleasure of living with a furry (small, that is, i have landon after all) companion. i have serious kitten fever.

this blog is presently undergoing much needed err "renovations", after seeing landon's beautifully crafted new blog i've convinced him to work some magic on this old thing, exciting for me!


  1. Loving the tights.
    You are just perfectly pretty in that photo!

  2. I love love those watercolor tights,beautiful!! Need to get one of those:)

    And you all are moving,wowww must be so exciting! And I can't wait to see the new furry addition to your family<3

  3. if only kittens stayed kittens and didn't become cats... but nonetheless congrats!

    ya look gorgeous! happy thanksgiving

  4. Yay kitties! My boyfriend and I so desperately want a puppy or a kitty, but we're so busy at work and never home so we couldnt stand leaving the poor baby alone in a little apartment all day. :(

  5. I was defintely excited about the water color tights. when I saw you in these I though, I wont look half as good, but still want them!! as for the kitty news...I cant wait to see all of the silly kitty photos you guys will come up.

    happy turk day!

  6. Those tights are wizard! Why wear anything over them?

    A kitten? How cute. What are you going to call her/him/transgender? A one-eyed cat would be great.. Fuzzy litte impaired critters make me so clucky.

  7. I just adopted a cat :)

    She's lovely, 2.5 years old, gray with bengal stripes. Her owners didn't want her anymore because they had broken up, so they put an ad up :(

    She's the love of my life.

    (*Aside from Sofia, my cat that lives in my parents house in Norway.)

    Please, if you remember to - let us know when the tights start selling at AA. I covet them.

    I have a friend that works with AA in LA -


  8. Awesome tights! Think a lot of outfits can be build around it.
    And maybe weird to say but you got a great butt :)

  9. hi hun, i love those tights, nice bum!
    oh i'm gogin through the same trials with my own hair, jsut dyed it dark brown to have it turn out much too dark, & with much lighter roots, it hink for us, it is becasue we have long hair, & the ends have been dyed already, but the new hair hasn't sooo...
    ginger is gorgeous on you fer sure, but maybe wait a bit, i had a bad experience dying to red from black, i had to strip the hair, & it was right after a dye i didn't like, my hair actually fell apart, i went to a mia farrow pixie, i loved it, but it wasn't my choice...
    if you want to lighten your dark hair & have the light roots blend...try dandruff shampoo or neutrogena tgel, it will strip & fade the colour...
    sorry about all that rambling, i suck

  10. Can Buddy and I come over later in the week? I will bring a housewarming present and he loves kittens!

    I am so psyched we will be even closer neighbors.

    And next summer, I say go blond. There is something about being blond in the summer that is just like "yes fuck my life and touch my hair look at those flowers out the window!"


  11. the tights are quiet lovely and i can't wait to see your new furry friend!! my bf got a new roommate who came with a kitty and i can go over and play snuggles whenever i want which is pretty much fantastic.

  12. oh girl i have almost bought those watercolor tights like 3 times, and i think you just officially sold me on them.

  13. wow, i just discovered your blog and am infatuated! i love your layout and cannot stop scrolling through those stunning photographs.

  14. You look so pretty on these!!! Love your tights!

  15. great photos, been watching your blog for a while now. Liking the tights too!

    P.s beautiful wedding photos :)

  16. you should def. share your hair tips!


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