Sunday, November 1, 2009

a very special monkey box






my "special guest" fled the nest early this morning and has left me moping around the bed area for the remainder of the day (i guess it's still early though it's been dark for a good hour already). my dazzling roommate for the week was my one and only best friend forever Rebecca Berg. Rebecca and i met playing angels in chorus at our church holiday recital, we bonded over the same blue nail-polish and an unbridled affection for dollhouses and the rest is history! i remember talking on the phone for hours and thinking about how being with her made me feel the way i felt when swooning over the opposite sex, excited and wanting more time with her. she is my Diana, my kindred spirit, my bosom buddy. we travelled much the same path through high-school as good and goofy christian girls, hippie kids, ska kids, rave kids, emo kids and from there settling into our "own kids". We've lived together, travelled together, crushed on the same boys together, driven golfcarts through home-made obstacle courses together, gotten matching tattoos (of eachother's initials) together, ruined our onstage performances with giggles together and eaten much food on my mum's kitchen floor together. when landon and i planned to get married in three weeks she found that she was not able to join us on such short notice, my magnanimous dad saw that i could not be married without her and flew her out as a surprise the night before the wedding and she stood beside me wearing an almost matching white dress. She is presently taking courses in film and theater production and is an incredibly gifted maker of masks, imitation marble, sculptures, and most importantly (to my taste buds) curry. I'm crestfallen to see her leave but am happy that we are no longer residing on opposite ends of the content and only a (depending on how far in advance you book it) 24 dollar bus ride and a border separate us. so here is to you, my most beautiful and special friend, Rebecca. I love and cherish you forever.

watch us grow! missing some years, and some are not the best representatives but i, unfortunately, only have the few oldies that people have been so kind as to upload to facebook and tag me in as my photo collection is presently hidden away somewhere in my grandpa's garage.
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  1. aw, old friends are really the best! i love seeing the old photos of you and your friend

  2. you two must be too much fun together!!
    I love being girly and silly with old friends.'s like home.


  3. Hannah , sometimes you look like Anna Karina on the pictures!

  4. this is so cute! it makes me miss my best friend- a big fat plane ride away, and i only ever get to see her once or twice a year :-(

  5. You both look gorgeous on these photographs. I loved reading that piece, you do seem more like sisters! xx

  6. looks like a lot of fun. like the mood.

  7. i love your blog!! you guys seem really in love, best of luck!!!

  8. I loved this post :). It's just interesting reading about all the things people have done with their friends. ++ I love the photos.

  9. I love stories of kindred spirits and bosom buddies. They're always hard to find.

  10. Awwww,its so so beautiful photos with your best friend:)

    And you two must had so much fun, your dad was so sweet to to give you that surprise!

  11. These pictures are so cute!.x


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