Wednesday, November 4, 2009

walking on water

home sweet home

favourite boys
october smoke
doing magic
walking on water
october in pictures. october was month full of bed and kleenex, visits from friends and family, and feasts of turkey, curry and peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches. i visited with my beloved brother for the first time in a year (pictured above canoeing and performing miracles) in beautiful canada for thanksgiving. how quickly this year is passing! i'm always keen on even numbered years and i have a good feeling about the one around the corner. now is time to enjoy the remaining months and upcoming holiday festivities.

my lovely Alexandra is having a trunk show next thursday! check out her blog for details on what time and where to go to drink wine and try on her lovely collection. charming marshall rake of Epilogue Magazine did a little interview with me a couple weeks ago that is now up on the site!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I've been planning to post some fall pictures soon too.

    And oh how I'd love to visit Canada one day! The nature must be so amazing - apparently it's a bit similar to Finland (where I live)! But the Canadian music scene is way better ;)

    Sound and Fashion

  2. Fabulous pictures !

  3. Aha, I already noticed these pictures on your flickr and they got me wondering what the story behind them was. Glad to hear it's nothing but you and your friends having an excellent time! The place looks amazing, so very secluded from humanity.

    Due to geographical reasons I obviously can't come to the trunk show, but consider this a toast; to November, and may more happy memories be photographed!

  4. i really need some days of summer!

  5. Love your photos! It looks like you had a great time~

    I read your interview, and you seem like such an awesome person! I definitely agree about LA - that place sucked the life out of me during the 5-6 months that I lived there (In-N-Out being the most if not only redeeming quality).

    Hope the trunk show goes well!

  6. beautiful shots :) perfect autumn setting

  7. Beautiful photos ! And you all must have had a great time :)

  8. lovely pictures as always. this really makes me want to go camping now in the lovely autumn weather.

  9. Oh hannah I love your blog and photographs!

    Beautiful, as usual


  10. PLEASE tell me what camera you used for these pictures?

  11. Sweet pictures, I wish I was canoeing with you guys.


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