Saturday, November 7, 2009

the weather outside is weather

blue cape - vintage
red tights - american apparel
red hat - vintage
grey hat - vintage
yellow gloves - vintage
grey coat - lilli ann
yellow tights - american apparel
ear muffs - vintage
pink coat - lilli ann
pink bow - vintage
grey socks - american apparel
blue coat - lilli ann
pink bow - vintage
grey coat - emery bird thayer
turban - vintage
leather gloves - vintage
faux seal coat - vintage
alpaca wrap - vintage
black cape - vintage
black coat - second hand
black bow - american apparel
coat - vintage (landon's)

10 of my favourite winter cover-ups! What are some winter favourites lurking in your closests?

yesterday i limped my way into a proper podiatrist office to have my naughty (ingrown toenail) toe taken care of for good. post-toe surgery was spent in bed rewarded with pirate booty, salt & vinegar chips, oreos, noodle salad and a very doting nurse Landon (minor surgical procedures are awesome)! i'm ecstatic to have a proper toe now and to fit comfortably into my complete shoe collection, one year of bad toe is 11 months too long.

what digital cameras are you lads and ladies using? i'd like to invest in a good one some day.


  1. these outfits are so amazing!

  2. I just did a real laugh when I read "the weather outside is weather." A cool camera is the Canon G10, it's like a nicer version of most digital point and shoots. My buddy has one and I love the quality of the photos. They are approx $500 new, and I often see used ones on craigslist for $400. I wish I had one instead of my Canon Powershot (the SD960).

  3. I really love the look with the turban and the fascinators. I wish everybody would dress like this in the cooler months.

  4. What gorgeous coats dear. It's hard for me to live in such a mild climate now with a closet full of gorgeous vintage wool and faux fur coats just waiting for their turn. I just wait for rain and cold temps. All your snacks are my fave especially the salt/vinegar chips, its been way too long, I think I need some now! I hope your toe heels up quickly! :)

  5. Hanna darling, you make me momentarily long for cold winter while I'm sweating away in Australia!

  6. my goodness! i have never seen such an adorable coat collection. here in New Zealand it gets cold, but not quite cold enough to wear such beautiful wears.

    i am going to new york for a month over christmas- and now feel completely inspired to hunt down or create some vintage styled coats! i think i might be needing them!

    kelsey xxxxx

  7. Ohhhhhh my gosh!

    Girl,you have such a beautiful coats collection! Its the same with your velvet collection,I'm so envious!!

    I do hope your toe recovers fast and rest more yeaa:)
    I'm using a Nikon D60 now. And its affordable and good to use.

    But go for the D90 or D3000 if you really have the budget! Because D3000 is so so duper good. heee

    Like Jane from,that's the camera she uses for her photos <3

  8. hi hannah! i love your style. this post makes me envious cos we dont get winter here :( glad to hear you got your toe treated!

  9. Love all of these, esp. that vintage turban!

    For a good digital camera, I like the Canon Digital Rebel XTi. It's an SLR, so you can mess with the aperture, focal length, etc. It's also a GREAT bang for your buck - relatively inexpensive ('specially through Craigslist). I would recommend instead of buying it with the body & stock lens, buying the body alone, and going for the slightly more pricey 50mm 1.8 lens, which is great for low light pictures.

    I love your film photos, so I can't wait to see what you could do with a great digital camera!

  10. great outfits! very stylish, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. + you're beautiful, of course.
    + the canon eos 400d is my favorite. it's my baby. i don't know if they make it any longer though, but i strongly recommend it.
    + i'm so jealous of you gorgeous hair.


  12. wow, that was soooo magical right now! love all your winter coats and accessories! can't wait for it to get colder too!

  13. Wow, your outfits are amazing! :D
    p.s. If you want to invest in a good camera, buy a SLR. I have a Canon EOS 1000D, and it's a very good camera and the price is unexpensive (for an SLR).
    I'll keep visiting! :D Love your blog.

  14. the lamp... the little child mannequin... I don't know what to say but that they are great! and rather intriguing

  15. Lilli Ann seems to have some fabulous coats...

  16. i spotted these on flickr yesterday ... those are some droolworthy coats and hats. you always look so spectacular :)

    i'm glad your toe is better, madame, and that you were looked after well!

    i use a canon eos 400d, too. the lower-end canon bodies are great, but i think it's worth spending some money on a good lens, if you can. i didn't and i regret it.


  17. These are super lovely!! the furs are superb.

    I have a couple vintage pieces I like and one UO jacket that never gets old, can't wait to bring out some of my winter cover ups.

    jess s//

  18. i'm using panasonic lumix lx2, but i'm planning to buy olympus pen-2 once it hits malaysian shores hehe :)

    love all your winter get-ups, cute!

    gah every single one of those coats are fabulous. lucky lucky you ;D
    take care!

  20. Love the yellow tights and gloves combo, you have the best collection of coats! I have a serious coat obsession, it is very bad for my wallet. I have already bought two while travelling and I don't know how I will fit them in my luggage! I really liked the photos of you and your friend from two posts ago by the way, so sweet!
    I use a canon powershot A2000 IS, which has some good settings and does the job, but I really wish I'd saved the extra cash and got one of these instead:

  21. FABULOUS ! You are so lovely !

  22. those yellow gloves! goodness girl youve got all the right stuff <3

  23. hey hannah! i wrote a little about you at Svärta!

  24. I've had a bad toe for TWO years! And i finally got it completely taken care of yesterday! I am so excited for being able to wear cute shoes I have been neglecting...

  25. beautiful images, fabulous winter cover-ups- i want them all! longing for a real winter, time to move again!

  26. thank you all for your kind comments! i'm working on visiting all of your lovely blogs!

  27. Re:Awww,you're so adorable !

    I too am so excited for Christmas,making my list right now and listening to those music to get into the groove.

    Ohhh,I was too shy to ask you before. But here goes, I really adore your huge collection of velvet clothes awhile back. AHhhhhhh,I'm crazy about anything velvet now.

    So would you like to do a swap ? heee

  28. coats coats coats! the weather in my town has been frightfully cold, and i've been wearing the same white hat and white coat every day when i walk to work. perhaps i shall invest in a menagerie of pieces.

  29. i think i would die for that coat. love it.

  30. pretty girl in all her pretty coats. and hats!!

    glad the toe thing is fixed, i'm sure it was difficult to wear fashionable shoes with such a problem.

    i use a nikon coolpix 5210 (it's kinda crappy, but does the job) until yesterday when i scored a canon xti for $550 from a girl who was desperate for cash after getting her car repoed. big time score for me, but i still haven't get the camera all figured out yet!!

    by the way, i think your beautiful and your blog is amazing. :)

  31. Super cute.
    And 1000 internets to you for the Paul Rudd/Forgetting Sarah Marshall quote.

  32. I'm loving the little veiled hats.

    No camera yet. Im on the hunt for a good one that I can easily throw in my purse but for now my cell phone camera will do (LG Solstice).

  33. Capes, capes, capes! How I've been wanting one for some time now with no luck though..:( Could your coat collection BE any more adorable? Just like u. I've said it before but that doesn't mean u can't say it again: hun you are just gorgeous!

  34. I am speechless! So beautiful...

  35. You are simply stunning and picture perfect. You would make a great art model.

  36. Just came to your blog via Saga and am loving it. Great pictures! Personal favourite outfit? No. 2! Sabine x

  37. Funky coats!
    The second to last I would say is my favourite. Not to say the rest of them aren't boss...

    Congratulations on the new toe!

    I use a black brick to take my photos, usually propped up on a recycling bin. And you can really tell...

  38. Spectacular outfits! I love the colors & vintage coats & hats! superb! :P

  39. I love the blue coat on the fourth picture!

  40. Salt and vinegar chips make eeeeverything better :-)

  41. dear Hannah, you look so cute and diva like... :) as for the camera i can recommend ones my boyfriend uses. he is quite a specialist in that area - Olympus - E series E3, E620 i think. he just bought the lat one, got a great deal and Olympus has some international special offers with aditional bateries + batery-grips. im not much of a specialist in these field but you can look around. And one US store has a really great on-line offers, so if you want, i can give you the link.. i just have to check the right url with bf :D

  42. yes yes yes, I am so happy that found your superb blog. Your photos are extraordinary and I love them!

    My I I borrow some photos to my blog if I refer to your blog?

    Peace & Love

    Agneta & Sweden

  43. you have a beautiful coat collection, love this post.


  44. i recommend canon 5d !!!!!! it also takes hd videos.. so you have 2- 1 amazing camera and you can take great videos as well :)

  45. I love all of the hats (well I love all of the outfits but especially the hats!)

  46. I love the pink but also the blue jacket. Mostly the pink jacket though.



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