Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the finish line!

I'm just a little ahead of myself posting these now but I couldn't contain my excitement! The lingerie is done (well, err, almost done. The final style is in production) and in the next week we'll have the shop up and ready for pre-sale orders!

That's all for now, back to extreme family hangout times! Hope you all had/are having a terrific holiday! Exclamation points!


  1. Oh wow! Congrats on the designs, they look amazing :)
    I especially love love love the Agony of Love piece and the Fuego set! simply magical!

    Fantastique Mémoires from the Outer Space

  2. wow! these look amazing! cannot wait to get my mitts on that garter!

  3. a string of expletives just left my mouth- these are SO awesomeeee!!! I want to be the babe wearing these, stat. Congrats!

  4. These look so pretty! Congrats :)

    I was wondering if you've ever done any other beauty posts in the past? Like maybe relating to how you get your hair curly the way you do, or makeup and etc.. I think that would be fun to read about! I love your style lotslots.

  5. I can't wait! The Agony of Love is so sexy it hurts.

  6. Hey those are some crazy cute undies. I like the ones with the garters. I mentioned you in my first post, which I won't link to so its not spam.

    Btw, one thing I find helpful with my cats is that if they bother me too much when I'm trying to sleep, I grab em and not let them go till they got frustrated, then I let them go but act like I'm going after them. They have learned ruining my sleep will end in their capture.

    P.S. I don't take credit for that, I googled it!

  7. Oh wow! Congrats on the designs, they look amazing!!!


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