Saturday, January 8, 2011

winter sports

We've spent the last week participating in various winter activities while celebrating a second christmas with my family up north. We built an ice rink, made a pathetic attempt at a hockey game that mostly involved me missing the puck repeatedly and spinning in circles on my skates, carved out a (rather dodgy) toboggan run, cross country skied up the river (though I forced our crew onto the much less terrifying train tracks after my companion stepped through a bit of thin ice and scared the bejesus out of me), brought out my ten year old snow board and have stopped drinking water in favor of hot chocolate. It is the calm before the storm that is the next two months for me! I'm going to play that rather nasty game of "I've got a secret that I can't reveal just yet" but oh man, it is a pretty neat one. (Can I give you a hint? It rhymes with the word that came before one.)

Thank you so much for the warm response to my previous post! I'm brimming with excitement as any day now they'll be available to ship off! Just in time for that oh so romantic day of the year.

(ps. Kittens are doing amazingly! They came with us on the trip and every morning I wake up with a black furry ball snuggled up in my armpit, could not have dreamed up more perfect kittens.)


  1. I really like the silhouette on white snow photo. That's a great shot!


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