Saturday, January 15, 2011

got to make that 7.21




Watching Sin in the Suburbs (<- recommend viewing with cocktail in one hand and pot of mac'n'cheese in the other as I did earlier tonight only replace cocktail with beer and you've got my friday night) in celebration of the launch of the TLO shop! It's been a long and arduous trek but we made it and we couldn't be more pleased. (Though perhaps not so pleased with our accidentally papery tags, but hey! It wouldn't be right were it to run perfectly smooth the first go round.)

I've got a second bit of exciting shop related news (not the one I referred to earlier, that's still in the works, have enjoyed reading your guesses. not an offspring... yet.) This February we will be setting up shop for a month at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles. A whole month of brick and mortar shopping! Opening night is February 4th where there will be cocktails, tarts, underpants, international psych jams, A SWING (complete with a lingerie clad model) and a whole slew of vintage goodies to peruse and take home with you!

Completely unrelated - I'm addicted to this song, it's ruling my brains right now and will not leave me alone but I don't wanna lie, I'm feeling so goo.

Wearing the Fuego set!

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