Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a little paws

kitten paws


kitten and braid

I'm leaving again today, this time without my beloved little family of kittens and Landon. My partner and I are off on a buying trip in preparation for next months pop-up shop then it's onto to Los Angeles to set everything up. I wont be home until February something and it saddens me greatly. I think, after this, I will try not to travel again this year (hah! fat chance). It's turning me into a full on hermit when I am at home because I long for it so when I'm away (which, by my calculations, was more often than not last year). So, new year's resolution number 1, no more traveling. Will conduct all travel business with webcam or weird robot that goes to work for you and stay at home in bed with streaming internet television, chips and purring kittens on my head. I apologize for this downer of a post, just, I'm feeling rather rotten right now about leaving and writing about it is sort of curing that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. /livejournal entry.

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