Monday, March 28, 2011

Marcel Dyf

The last painting has hung on our wall for the past three years and shamefully I only just recently discovered who was responsible for this favored flea market find (thanks Tumblr), Marcel Dyf. His paintings have such a perfect gracefulness that I find incredibly inspiring and I can't help but want to emulate the bouffant hairstyles of his model (wife, Claudine). Dreamy.

A new 8tracks mix for you :).

**I've had a lot of questions in emails regarding  the painting to the left. I think there are some rather real looking prints on canvas of this painting out and about in the world and folks seem to think that they have the original. While I would love to antiques roadshow your art collection I simply cannot as I'm not an authority on the matter! Though I will say it is highly unlikely that you've magically stumbled upon a Dyf original. Sorry, pals. 

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