Saturday, July 30, 2011

TLO + JL slippers!


TLO Slippers!

Bobo and Slippers

It is with great pride and jubilation that I present our collaboration with slipper company, Jacques Levine! If you're at Curve expo this weekend pop by the Jacques Levine booth to get a closer look at their latest collection including the two styles we worked on with them!

You can also follow Jacques Levine on tumblr for insightful posts from the man himself musing on vintage shoe advertisements and styles. Check it out, it's truly fascinating to read. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few months back and he was absolutely delightful and had a memory for details like I've never encountered before (my own memory is such garbage I can scarcely remember what I had for breakfast).

Mostly I just want to say: YOU GUYS, SLIPPERS! What is more decadent than a glamourous pair of mules to lounge about while in your underthings? The best thing about these "slippers" is that with their leather soles they're as good for outdoor activity as they are for indoor. I plan on never taking mine off once I get my hands on them (tried stuffing my 7.5 foot into the sample size and while they fit it had an awful Cinderella's stepsister effect that did not do these dainty shoes or my duck feet any favors). Have I ever mentioned here that all the redheads in my family (apparently, I've only just recently met them) have webbed toes? I haven't got them but I thought it was a strange coincidence that the redheads only would have them. Redheads, such a are a strange lot we are.

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