Sunday, August 28, 2011


Am safely tucked away with my best friend forever Rebecca and stand-in husband Ethan (Landon is presently in Mexico City for his first ever solo show) to weather  the storm. So far we've collectively consumed two pints of Ben and Jerry's, three bags of microwave popcorn, kale salad, one bag of utz (only one!), half a watermelon, two pitchers of homemade sangria and one season of Drag Race.

Earlier in the day, between repeat trips to the bodega downstairs for utz and icecream, Rebecca and I put on a bunch of make-up and sparkly dresses and took pictures around our stormy apartment. Isn't she most beauteous? I'm so fortunate to have her here!

Hope all my east coast pals are staying as safe and sound and happily fed as we are! 

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