Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adventures with Agnes: Central Park

"Adventures with Agnes" is a weekly feature that will be popping up around here! Agnes is a close pal of mine and a supremely talented photographer (you can see her work here). We thought it would be fun to put together our own version of a "city guide", each week documenting a different spot in the city. The first set is from our trip last week to an autumn wonderland in Central Park. It was, without a doubt, Central Park at it's most glorious. Perfect warm sunlight, bright coloured leaves and the delicious smell of sugared almonds wafting about.

Here's a little wrap up of recommendations :D

1. Bring a picnic (but save some room for Shake Shack, very important). We brought delicious sandwiches with red pepper, hummus, avocado and tofu along with those colourful vegetable chips and a thermos of hot tea to share.

2. You can watch seal feeding time without having to go into the zoo! It's pretty darn cute. There was a golden retriever also watching and that was cute too.

3. Visiting Bethesda fountain is kind of the ultimate central park experience. The angel (who was created by the first woman to ever be commissioned a public art work in New York) represents the healing powers of nature and commemorates the first fresh water brought to New York in 1842. Pretty perfect.

4. Belvedere castle was one of the first places I went to when first visiting the park because it sounds (and looks) so dreamy. It has one of the highest and nicest views of the park and the city (the name Belvedere translates to beautiful view in Italian). Make sure you take a peek inside!

5. Boat rides! Only $12 for an hour (maximum 4 people). What's more romantic then floating around recreating that scene from Howard's End where Leonard kisses Helen on the palm of her hand and it's the most outrageously sexy thing that has ever happened on film!

6. There are so many incredible spots to visit in Central Park and I could go on forever but I've entered the dangerous zone of procrastination! So I'll wrap it up with one last recommendation: Shacky Road Concrete (from Shake Shack).

Learn all about Central Park and what to do there here!

All photos by Agnes Thor.

You can see the whole adventure here!

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