Monday, November 7, 2011

Petra, Julia, Tavi, Pippin & Bobo

Julia and Petra

Julia and Petra and Doll


Petra and Humpty Dumpty and Tavi

Pippin and Basket

Pippin and Bobo

During fashion week I had the unexpected pleasure to host a trio of beautiful (and extraordinarily talented) young ladies as they turned my livingroom into a teen dream of plastic and pink (specifically my teen dream, heh). They were working on a video tutorial for Rookie Magazine, which if you haven't already heard, is pretty much the best thing to happen to teenaged interneters since livejournal and makeoutclub? I sometimes feel really weird that I (a grandma) find more identifiable and inspiring content on there than any other space on the internet. I am so in awe of this group of young folk who are unashamedly exploring their opinions and beliefs in such a public space, something I've never been able to do outside the safety of the friends only lock on livejournal. 

Take a gander at their project here!

Petra's photos for Rookie here.

Tavi's stories for Rookie here.

Screen shot 2011-10-24 at 9.00.09 PM

I've noticed a recent influx of visitors from Japan on my statcounter, hi Japanese readers! I think it may have been through a magazine called Figue in which I was featured in last month? My favourite part of the feature is the pants. It is the first and last time you will ever see me in a pair of denim pants friends (Landon's dirty old pants). First and last. O_O I would also like you to know that I have since ironed that skirt, probably should have done so prior to being photographed in Dick Tracy's drag outfit. 

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